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And under medication as not two polls of the use of pain medicine because then what we do is we kind of just whiplash like a pendulum we go from believing that under medication is a problem to believe that over medication is a problem but we need to do so understand that both of these things can be a problem at the same time the american medical association hoping to address this problem recently turned back the clock it recommended that pain be removed as a fifth vital sign but how much let help on upon jan again as an economist i think about supplyanddemand centers the demand of patients increasing demand for patients by patient appropriate once you've put the power in the hands of the patient or just to call it what it is in the hands of the consumer it can be hard to reclaim so had we get here yeah so pain management was really emerging as a recognisable and legitimate area of medical practice and care in the 1960s early 1970s with the development of multidisciplinary pain centers keith way lou again there was a general recognition that you needed more than just drugs to deal with people and chronic pain you needed social workers you need surgeons you needed psychologists you needed a wide range for others as well as people with pharmacological expertise but those multidisciplinary pain centers really expensive and so you know one of the economic trend since the 1980's with the rise of cost containment is to sort of see drugs as the cheapest and the fastest solution to our problem this coincided with a big shift in how drugs are marketed to the public before the 1980s.

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