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Discover Milan Italy with WSJ magazine and into Garay. Join WSJ magazine editors for behind the scenes access in Milan. As you meet the city's most influential taste makers dine at top restaurants. Visit the private villas of lake coamo and much more book. This once in a lifetime trip at integrate dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. I'm Anne Marie for totally in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal, it's the week before the Federal Reserve's March policy meeting, and there's plenty of economic data on top starting with retail sales figures on Monday, Tuesday brings the consumer price index and on Friday. We'll see consumer sentiment. Data some earnings reports to look out for this week include stitch fix on Monday. Dick sporting goods on Tuesday and broadcom and Dollar General later in the week on Thursday former. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces sentencing in Washington DC this week after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy against the United States. And conspiracy to obstruct Justice last week a federal judge in Virginia sentenced him to forty seven months in prison for Bank fraud and dodging taxes and British lawmakers are set to vote Tuesday for a second time on a Brexit deal detailing the terms of Britain's departure from the European Union. The UK's exit is set for March twenty ninth, but a rejection of the deal could mean further delay for more details and to wsJcom or the s j app.

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