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You'll try down to Bangkok, so I don't know if he went there, gowdy, or somebody with a camera came back with photos because photography as we know it today was that far along when gowdy was doing architecture but I mean, well to think that's marvelous information about about that hotel. Yeah. There's a long continuance in our lives, and on art sort of is a wonderful marker on that can take us to the past, and, and, and obviously moves into the future. So, yeah, no, there's nothing more exciting than to make those connections. But how is your? For the pension for the Mediterranean, flavor is, is very obvious here and in Boca Raton. Well, you know, you have a kind of confluence of Spanish style architecture and that kind of European architecture, that is Spanish and Moroccan, in many places influence in Florida. And then you know you've got. You've got to more modern amazing stuff that's going on there, and it's it's a feast for the eyes. So talk to me about how big this museum is well, it's not a large museum. But it's, it's a wonderful size of intimate space by accounts in the profession, where mid-size institution. But the size isn't as important. As the fact that when you walk in, I think you feel at home. There's a very welcoming field. The architect Donald singer in two thousand one when the building opened, I think, created a wonderful modern structure, but then, as I mentioned, it has a tremendous that sort of hearken back to a previous day. The reason I asked you about the size. Is. I know that there are people listening that one thing here. The word museum. It conjures of days of absolute fatigue, when they went on a school field trip or their parents dragged them around someplace and by the end of the day, they just wanted to lay down and die. And there are doubts who feel that way, you know, from from, you know, they're certainly Zia GMs that they're impossible to tackle. I mean you've got to go multiple times. You can't think you can see the Metropolitan Museum of art New York or the Leuven Paris, you can go to those museums and think you're going to walk through. And there is something wonderful about knowing that the size of the museum because once you're inside, just about any museum. The contents are generally very exciting and you want to do it all. But trying to do it all is exhausting and very time consuming so to know the size of museum that is of moderate size, means you're not gonna walk out half dead. And you're gonna get to see pretty much everything you came to see without having overstrain yourself. Well, the mantra here is what we'd like to hear as people leave is that I can't wait to come back because in fact, though, we, perhaps our duty compared to the metropolitan or the National Gallery. It's there's an intimacy of scale, and there's a way that you can bring works of art together in the conversation so that, yes, you're perfectly, right? You're not going to come in look at every work of art because every day that you might come or any you might come. You'll see something else that new shoe that particular moment. How how much of what is on display? At the Boca museum of art, the Boca Raton, museum of art. How much of it is a part of a permanent collection. And how often is there, some visiting exhibit or or touring artwork? That's coming through. Yeah. Well, we always have our museum collection and, and which constantly, being moved around on our second floor. But on the ground floor re have our special exhibitions, and, and now we have this who will come repeatedly to see an exhibition that is called beyond the Cape, comics and contemporary, art, which is will be on view through October six. So it's looking at those artists contemporary artists who are looking not at the superheroes, not Batman and super man, and wonder woman, but instead, the sort underside of the comic industry, the graphic..

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