Donald Trump, Martin Van Buren, Uganda discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Like it you know if i'm four conservative values automatically have to worship donald trump and i gotta tell you i don't and yet i'm definitely economically a conservative socially i'm a conservative i'm probably economically it libertarian probably because i would go with martin van buren here the less government interferes with private pursuits the better for general prosperity kind of an economic statement right it's very interesting towns will live in uganda but my challenge for you guys our listeners is not the maki mad if you want to get mad i mean that's hina getting line crap there is a whole bunch of people mad at me it generally means though that you get your head stuck safari politics you can think anymore and that's what we keep running into and i i actually i mean i know people who are respect their intellect who have slipped a gear man they have lost their ability to think through things all through the paradigm of republican or democrat conservative or liberal trumper hillary and they get twisted in that and then they try to use some kind of toxic version of scripture to justify their existence oh my goodness gracious you are really reach in there wow well you need to establish what you believe independent of the personalities that are involved including this one learn to think for yourself that's what we teach you around here all the time and we'll help you though i by the way if you're a left wing wacko i'll help you if you're right wing lukko of opium we love you have to take care of him that's what will do that puts his showing the bucks we'll be back with you before you know it in the meantime remember there's ultimately only one way to financial peace national.

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