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And started handing out postcards Suzanne how it started it is after work I would drive to the dark streets of Washington DC at night and solicit secrets from strangers. I had about three thousand self addressed postcards that were blank on one side and I would have instructions on the other about sharing a secret that was true decorating the card card and mailing it to me anonymously and I would walk up to strangers and a postcard to them. Hi My name's Franken. I collect secrets. It looks I got a lot of different reactions. It was almost like a sociological test because different people would act differently and then you start to notice patterns one interesting interesting effect is if there was one person coming towards me. I knew they would interact with one way or another but if there were a group of people like like three or more people coming towards me I did the exact same thing they could all kind of ignore me as I was talking to somebody else in walk past music roosting. That is a good sociological study. So why do you think it took off so much like what what made ahead accord. I think it intersected at a key time in terms of the web unlike today in two thousand four the web was like the wild wild west and you'd go on stumbled upon John and discover these cool new websites and everybody was doing something new and different weather. It was trading a paper clip eventually getting a house. I remember that happening a million dollar page age where people would pay you to advertise pickles pixels evenly every week you. You'd go online discover something ago. That's a crazy idea but it worked. What's it's going to be here though there was this kind of openness about the web that was thrilling? Everybody was looking like what's what's what's fascinating this week and coupling that was this idea of young people sharing more of themselves online in new in different ways and in our culture in general I think these institutions nations of confidence were disappearing whether it was <hes> young people's relationship to the Catholic Church or therapy moving from Hawk Hawk face the pharmaceutical based or even the family you know divorcing breaking up in larger numbers so the Internet I think just became this place where or young people started sharing or themselves and expressing their identity in new and exciting ways. Yeah I mean do you think at all that it has gone onto the opposite extreme now that everybody's sharing everything on your net like everything on the Internet like what you ate for breakfast what you ate for lunch..

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