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Yeah, were a word flipping around wide receiver, running back a sap, yeah, are wide receivers are stacked are running. Backs are not and then are tight ends were Johnny, Smith and Blake Darwin perfectly fine with those love or wide receivers loved the tight ends with what we talk with our upside picks. They're like Joe Mixon. But we have a lot of risk at the other running backs. Yeah, I mean what this my biggest takeaway from doing. This mock is. You got to put an emphasis on running back. So you look at our team in I just I'm looking through this other team that went to wide receiver heavy. I'll run through. There's really quick Michael Thomas Chris. Godwin kittle Cooper. Cooper Cup Marquees Brown. Join Jamison crowder. They have very good. Pass catchers right there, but they're running back number one running back is Kareem Hunt number two is Matt Brita and then you're looking at Boston Scout. You need to go running back heavy. You absolutely do looking at some of the other teams to like the the number. Two overall slot took saquon Barkley. Barkley Todd Gurley and love bell with their first three picks in on the fourth and fifth, they were still able to get AJ, Brown, t y Hilton and then continued their running back Ron. With Damien Williams Latavius Murray's Toni Ballard team to did it right with the running back, and then looking even at like the fourth team, they went running backs with their first. First, four picks a zeke Elliott Clyde Edwards Dealer Melvin, Gordon David Montgomery and then they took their first wide receiver in the fifth round, it was Portland Sutton went drew brees in the six Evan Ingram in the seventh, and then Tyler Boyd and the eighth. That's a pretty solid team to Yup and we touched on team. Twelve will mile Sanders Jacobs Connor Carson. Carson to Shawn Watson Shark he then they went deontay. Johnson probably shouldn't have taken this when they did Carson Wentz, so they doubled up on the quarterback position but then they got Henry Rugs Jalen Reagan Sammy Watkins like that like that team to the minus the double quarterback thing but i. don't you like that I do? But I like higby and Shark Deontay. deontay Johnson as here wide receiver to they took your upside and Henry rugs they did, and it took upside and regular. They took the WHO knows Sammy. Watkins he's upside..

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