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Didn't i was definitely a a little more bullish with my or less bullish. Whichever one i was definitely a little less eager to push him up the rankings until he fought someone else in the top ten like barbosa so i probably had him Twelve or lower camera. My exact rang for him on mine but he was. He was in tier four for kind of look at it that way but now he's firmly in that tier three like you said one of those guys that's maybe not quite want to win one win away from a title shot but is is certainly You know in the conversation of being someone who you feel. He's guaranteed to contend for one. No matter what so. Yeah i think this is a huge not quite for me as breaking into the top three like a tier one as as gone did but yeah in the featherweight division to move up like three or four. This vision is so stupid. Stacks so the yeah with one win over. Name guy like that like barbosa. I is awesome and Look maybe we're jumping the gun. Maybe some fans will say. He hasn't done enough to pass emmett. He hasn't done enough to pass. Arnold alan who's eight knowing that you have see something like that right but i think jacuzzi by taking this by barbosa. Really did himself a service and really improved his resume up of the the i named. Are you surprised by this. Because i got to say. I'm somewhat surprised like he was obviously a very decorated kickboxer. He was a beast over. Kick boxing ring. But this is also somebody who just a few years ago. Lost to austin springer on dana white's contender series. Right like this if you ask ninety five percent of anime fans. I don't think they could tell you who he lost two on contender series and all of a sudden. He's been in the afc now a couple of years. He's already seven. Oh in the ufc. You actually has the best record of any contender series alum in the ufc which again. I don't think anybody would have expected considering the some of the talent that has come off that show just a few years ago. He was struggling to get through Guys like brandon davis engineer. Emerson now all of a sudden. He's just destroying people like cup. Swanson barbosa are you surprised. By how quickly does happen. I mean is it that quick. I can say. Now we're seven fights in right. I i get what you're saying with the first couple of anytime you look at guys. Resume ansi split decision. Split decision in his first two. Ufc fights you're going to think this guy relieve like for a guy who's who came into this sort of highly vaunted striker if he's squeaking just squeaking out wins like this how does he but i remember watching those fights and read it hearing a little bit about him smarter people than me kind of hyping him up and i was like okay i get it like i think maybe my opinion was slanted in a positive way because of what i had heard about him. So maybe i saw the the The silver lining of these split decisions and and the fact that. Oh he got a win. He did enough. I think that says a lot against To pretty respectable names that you just mentioned So i'm not super surprised and it's this isn't always the case for guys must have reached the ufc level. There was kind of a noticeable improvement with every fight Which is very. I guess that speaks to how relatively new. He still is timmy. That there's room for for growth and visible growth that you can see in fights so no. I wasn't surprised. I was one of the few people on our staff. That was Picking those speaking jakarta win i. I didn't take them to finish out was really impressive. Yeah but i. I did think he would win. so no i'm not super spies. I think he's where he should be at this stage of his career top ten in our rankings. Wrote a little bit about this weekend but i. I just really always enjoy the process that we go through with these crossover athletes. Especially these really accomplished. Crossover athletes right where you got somebody coming in from kickboxing and he's making this transition. And you sort of get a chance to see the switch flip in real time and sort of just the connective tissues. Really kinda come together in his mind as he sort of figuring out this newer aspect of what he's doing because again i i was at u. of c. To forty eight when he jamal emmerson. I remember watching that fight. And just kinda coming away just not really not really thinking much about it right like it was just like okay. I guess like this isn't going to really work out for giga. Like he's probably not going to be the guy that maybe he could have been her without might have been and all of a sudden now. He's just three knockouts in a row. Three both bonuses in a row again. You can see that switch just flipping and real time is out here. Trying chokes on edson barboza. That's fun little wrinkle. I'm actually really excited now. For what gigi can do. I think he could we. He's to be moving up this division in ins rankings. Moving forward and i i think is as a good example of that as well as like i mean. He certainly had even been a much more hype than giga did. Come into the. Oc but like if you watched the vittori fight the first one he kind of squeaks. It out and you're like few concerns but but the guy that the easy that fought vittori first time was very different that the from the z. That then fought derek brunson and just smoked him and then ver- completely different from the easy. That felt like robert whitaker. Like you just saw amazing growth from his second. Ufc fight to you. Know his his when he became a champion. Like it's it's it doesn't look like the same guy at all it's It's really amazing. But yeah it's your at you. See the you very noticeably. See that switch and it's really fun to see. Yeah well let's move onto round number three in this actually fits round number three for the third man of his generation. Ray cooper the third the standout over there. npfl debut in at number thirteen here on our welterweight rankings. And ak you actually had you. And i actually had ray cooper higher than anybody else. I had him in responsible for this. We're responsible for this. We really are. I had number ten. You had him a number eleven actually switched that you adamant number ten. I had him at number eleven years as low as number fifteen for one of our panelists. otherwise he kinda. It seemed like everyone more or less floated him in that same zone. As as you. And i did just a little bit lower. Let me read you off a few stats here from ray cooper who obviously gets into this. These rankings by beating roy mcdonald in the way that he did very dominant wasn't entertaining to say the least but it was a very dominant performance. They're wrestling heavy. Ten wins two losses. One draw eight finishes three. Pf l. final appearances one championship. Potentially second coming up wins over. Jake shields in there. Now roy mcdonald to and that's just really over. The nfl knows that. That's the last few years here for ray cooper. Is it possible that we were underrating. Or overlooking ray cooper as a group up to this point. I think a lot of people kind of discount shake shields wins. I remember at the time. That was a big deal. I thought there was a cool storyline that his dad fought shields as well which may have made it sound worse than it was always beating up one of his dad's opponents achievement but he'll probably was not in anyone's top twenty rankings by the time he cooper but still it's still a name a very tough guy and he finished jake shields twice. That's an accomplishment..

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