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Now me you want hundred take sorts bordering then dumped collect money from these people kidnapping laundering valuable kind of develop less kicked up in his lottery. Okay so if we understand do use of words and all put the everything for in perspective since about to connect the details. It's exactly what they do. They're it. The eighty assisted tonic satanic agenda an also auntie christ is no olga auto even agenda callosities agenda which will be traffic for the to not them. I make me use the language. Say using our chief defense shelter very passive when he tried to unfussy taneeka agenda on sits from both ends of of been a physican. Not descend pessimistic. We shout say we'll see you deflect komo monae save on komo for dumb. You won't see right now. We don't fit you ask questions say wet soon. Be the federal government's my tougher destroyed. Push right no back. Talk to talk to the indigenous people of nigeria. So that the is on and you see right now festival for us ever matter get with with the presidency response for now autumn c. e. wanted concrete. Fortunately clean dig in because god gumi. Don't tell us a precedence fickling. Because they don't take side the coach goo goo don't take site now that digital people of niger. No experts anything contrary to what team the president comedy circuitry of mattioli association. Does niger. talk with dan. I tell you wanna say to me or your own take decision. Listen to with most idea. Michelle i'm ben. I'm ben use them. Take walk to protect your place simple because if you day i expect the issue of to the amount uncle help you if you see so. The for your village with uniform find out very where which. Ib aid because deep sees dot time t- to the beautiful way. Tell nigeria monet julia. I'm me don't use them on of research center before nine. They'll with after that cut out oppression. Wait till we did not to dc dee lee on me us when mandela did as of so close by the sf conveniently. So i want tell not. Today our indigenous people of manchuria. This statement from the mattie allah group not to let you all the while your problem i did so because of that the shot make you take i about the use. Them no odor. You're more the more you look the beta. Uc less now. you'll know opio. I protect your indigenous indigenous. La land my name. nadia mark. our solitaire okay. What can be at this hour security. Dss on all the security as what to be. What's they do. Because this don't act like lee confess for initial white and even international now specials of sair. Not dan did you. What's in the for the various states. That may come on. Governor one peasant stock single mic on nine hundred ungovernable now. This report cost always make west claim restaurants yet. You don't ask just now. I tell you this story. Dsp yes. that's the extension of the media took on the boat. I don't put together. Tried now ahead now flatly tribe. We'll be all set also agree with this. I don't good. Yeah so this is the thing now. Dss the extra show. Yes true down with the everybody knew. If you wanna ask. Gobi left will tell you this. Because he's done a lot different d for their operation. This is determined. I wanna talk to us now. First of all these tissues. We don't talk as long gone coleridge today. We don't talk turned. Don't call you see we with the here. We go back to you if you know if you go through will go from team of inspectors. Wanna go days the dukes. Google mickey this'll be. They told me that is not charged. Google church what did they do. Forbid for your church. Go for what google for them. If for my alternative. Already doc recouped. If now already daca could into boob up to your own doc. Recall curriculum door. You do go go. I'm gonna check the tapes agreement. So i used to protect our people and begin to determine who roamed the best pinpointed kelly. So that if anybody still all of commodity today to date d'amato soul or we do something bit is beginning change at the isaac office christmas pickle. People don't hear what to talk with this simone. You'll remember say a few weeks time. Then you will be sixty. Two and for this age would not stay. Guess since. of course we don't get since now that's why we did show ahead. Both anybody wearing say you know what. I wa progress be any program. We'll want those to remain for darkness for this age. Mungo did they have. When i go judged up my people no security nets off.

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