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Television Sunday. It's back to the ocean course at Kiawah Island Form or live coverage. The final round of golf sector major this year to PGA Championship. I think it's going to be a two man showdown between Boots kept Brooke Capta and Phil Mickelson. Could someone else jump into the fray and come down the homestretch and grab a spot for the Wanamaker Trophy live coverage of the PGA Championship begins tomorrow. One a one p m Eastern, That's 10 Pacific on CBS. Sunday I Jodie Mack working the phones till I got exit states left 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 Alan and Toronto. Ops aboard. How are you? Good. June. 25th Madison, Bumgardner, Arizona seven. Atlanta Nothing. He was given credit for our victory a shadow than the complete game, but not a no hitter. I think he should be given credit for it because he took care of business and his cancer. Carson Kelly. He was Steve. Absolutely Steve. You know, he he did everything he had to do And you know, it's a Everything I could think of is possibly an ass trick. I don't know you have. Ah, you have a logical mind is an aspect sounds good for something like that, because there should be seven benefits to be the second no hitter. It's where I'm concerned. Correct, And I think no asterisks necessary because they don't put after its next and team wins when they win double letters after seven innings do they don't have that third hockey column like Abenaki, where you have the overtime loss. Where you get one point no, that doesn't play. They decided this year set or lives here, too. They started last year and I believed it was covert related. And I think they were certainly still mindful of covert. Although we're seeing quick improvements in this country, and thank you very much for that. Um, you decided seven innings was enough to decide a game. You should be seven innings good enough for a no hitter is well, I'm with you. There should be seven that they should be more worried about the fact that they have been seven No enters. We're only seven weeks into the season. That's a bigger concern than whether Madison Bumgarner actually deserves one because he only pitched seven innings. And if you recall the night in 1990, Andy Hawkins, Hawkins pitched and losing effort. He pitched the porter, Uh, for nothing lost. And Matt Young in 1992. He pitched Ah, last two, and both of these were on the road, so the the home team didn't have to come to back. That should be a nasty because you know, they got eight innings in instead of nine. And it's not their fault that the home team Didn't come to bed and ninth, right? I would suggest those guys deserved No, it is it Well, I won't take much for the call. Appreciate it. Alan. In Oregon's up on CBS portrayed away, Alan. Hey, Joe. Thanks So much for the call Everybody. Thank you. Thanks to things. Portland Trail Blazers the role players in the first half tonight and put Anthony Simon's and Carmelo Anthony really doing some good stuff? Carmelo was draining Jay's left and right on, I gotta be honest. I thought that had no chance of ever happening and he started last year and he's just picked up and had the same exact season this year and more power to him, But I thought he was done and I thought they were doing a a solid to a guy who's been a very good player in the league for a long time, and you give me a chance to go out on his own terms. No, He is part of their contributing rotation. And he was a big part of tonight's win. You're right. Couldn't agree More in the fun thing is here in Portland has two connections to Denver, of course, nor Kage and Carmelo, and I think they're going to sort of do a little bit of Ah. Look at me now to her. It's been a while for both of you two guys. Carmelo's very much removed from Denver. It several teams is a matter of fact, and even nor kage. It's not like Denver made a mistake by trading him because they hung onto Yokich and as good a snarky Jeez, he's not Io Kit. So if those guys can use it in their own minds for motivation, more power power to them. I think it's a bit of a stretch them real quick. Phil Mickelson, do you think unlike the senior tour he can hold on for 1/4 round? Will be rooting for him. I'd and thank you Watch for the call. I I don't know if you can or can't. If Brooks can't go, It's 100%. I tell you tightly unlikely Evil toe one stroke lead. But captain isn't 100%. He still got those knee issues. You see him when he goes down to pick up his ball when he's on a great and he's got a place is born is gonna put the coin behind it. Now you can pick it up. He doesn't even flex his knee. He spreads his legs to reach down between his legs and pick the ball up. That means that he is still in pain. That's a very tough courts to walk. Tremendous separate Adam just to get where he's at to be only one stroke off. He's the more talented golfer. He's going toe out Dr Phil by 30 or 40 yards on every single hole that they have a straight drive. But I'll be pulling for lefty. I really hope that he does find a way to win it. Ah, Perry in Texas up on CBS sports, You know Perry dropped so when we go to Darryl in Vancouver, down Europe on CBS Sports Radio And down the stretch. They come. It's Jodie Mack. It's Cosell. It's Rome. Down the stretch the galloping around the U..

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