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I mean, the top prospects in the game guy, they obviously liked a lot and they gave him Guerrero number twenty, seven. Now you got this really weird situation where to hall of fame type dudes have the same number. It's crazy. Yeah, it is. It does feel like a little lack of foresight had at least consider the possibility. I understand like Mike trust twenty-seven, maybe get into, but you didn't quite know. It's all like he was tearing it up that first year, like, I'm sure I, I like the idea of Ladd looking that might trout that first year of like what you gave this Trump my number. So obviously you see what he turned into is weird thing because you know, it feels that they should have seen that coming somewhat. I think teams are usually pretty conservative about this. Even the idea like the cardinals were wary of giving out Jim it. It's number for a long time and so they Mark requires they didn't give out for a long time they have now. So you know, you see, generally I'm surprised it went in if there's any doubt at all. I mean, there's a lot of numbers. If there's any doubt at all, just hold off on that number. I don't think you have to to push it so quickly hard good stuff as always from her front will lead. You can find him Emma com. New York MAG. SI's is the will lead show. You can find him pretty much everywhere on the internet. Just go on the internet and you will see, we'll Leach. You're writing something. So thanks for joining us buddy. I've in your computer right now. Thanks. All right, Richard. What he watching tonight we watch this week Mariners as all week. I got the Oakland Athletics all week versus the Mariners versus the Astros. I just wanna reinforce the as much fun to watch his. I think they are absolutely a couple of good pitching matchups tonight to Graham Jacob degrom. Aforementioned Jacob degrom Cy Young candidate with a six, seven record opposing Luis Severino in the Bronx? A makeup game there between the Mets and Yankees and later ten. Ten tonight giants? Dodgers Madison Bumgarner versus Clayton Kershaw. You could do worse. You could do a lot worse than that. So that's what I'll be better than that. Absolutely. All right. And it gets no better than the morning lineup. Podcasts might thanks to Richard Justice will Leach and dura producer. Marissa's Morris. We'll be back on Wednesday. Have a great day. Everybody..

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