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Is on betamax tapes the redskins are completely irrelevant and they have been for a long time completely irrelevant they had glory days and when they had their glory days joe gibbs man were they awesome and i love coach gives love them and guess what when coach gives came back that wasn't terrible either but the redskins irrelevant and until they become relevant they've and they've been irrelevant for the most part for a generation and and i'm not kirk cousins was never in a position with the redskins organization and potentially we just don't know how much of what the redskins underachieving we don't know how much of that was his fault but we're about to find out we're about to find out if kirk cousins goes to minnesota here's the grid biggest danger let because i'm seeing that minnesota's seems to be the teen the most people linked him to if he becomes in minnesota viking what this kirk cousins have to do it's going to get that a super bowl right he must win in nfc championship he can't get close because last year the vikings got close until they got clubbed like a baby seal in south philadelphia on that sunday night that was fun to belo i gotta tell you was therefore it was fun are the minnesota got close last year with case keen him what if kirk cousins goes to minnesota and their five in three through his first date starts and they're not leading their division and they make a wild card and then don't win or restless i would think he he could spend thirty million dollars in adipose leakage a case for the jets how i would say charter think may be long term and look at the division me like ossoli how much longer is tom brady actually have left so i would feel like the afc east might be more appealing where for the take room then i am perry to the nfc north i'll that's a good case that that's a good don't be like my one big thing if i if i was trying to to argue to recruit for the for majit standpoint i mean can you have to think of wikileaks the best option as you said there were one game away from the super bowl last year has they were missing delvine cook who is leading the.

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