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I get on free right here from the fan let's get some calls in as you just heard from aaron boone so wait up to raise has some personal issues obviously torres goes to the l the so as moore's precautions anything else but i think they just wanna make sure that he doesn't do anything silly suffering serious injuries to valuable commodity and he said sanchez will travel with the team on this trip as he gets closer tanakh is getting closer and obviously the yankees still in a search for pitching as we know very much in the search for pitching as we know marco in new jersey what's up hey mike what's going on what's happening listen i think the yankees should go after a guy like cole hamels mike i mean if you think about this guy was wants a world series mvp and with the contract that he has most games won't be able to handle that the the remaining money on his contract on like i mean the yankees can you know i just don't trust them anymore i mean that's really what it comes down to i don't i don't doubt would cole hamels was i think he was that i deal more with what really more with what cole hamels is than what he was and i'm not trying to tell you he doesn't help them but when i look at a guy and i see very ordinary numbers i've seen very ordinary numbers in recent years scary i'm not even worried about the winds as much as i'm worried about the hits and the innings pitched and like this year you got one hundred innings you got ninety six hits you got you know twenty home runs but mike one three one three whip i just listen they can do they can do worse they can do better i mean that's how i look at it i'm not thrilled if you give me cole hamels i'm not gonna throw them back but i'm not going to be three i'm not going to be that excited to be honest with you i mean you know i'll say okay but compared to a guy like j half i mean i think ccc bath your or tanakh is a better number i disagree you can't prove that to me when cca allows allows more than a hidden any and happens thrown twentyfive hitless innings this.

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