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Fat. They gave Dracula diabetes here. Your host gorgeous, George m goes. All right. Our next guest. Joe diesel Riggs man, we've been covering this guy for a long time. We've seen on reality shows we've seen them in the U of C. We've he's got hospital fights, he's got fights. At the playboy mansion. He scared ever may junkies out of their wits at a hotel in orange dally election show, and now he's doing bare knuckle fighting in paradise. They're all going to Cancun on February second, it's USA versus Mahyco Jody's rigs Throwdown against Rudo Tovar, one of the most impressive things about these is of his forty seven wins in mixed martial arts. He's at forty two finishes. He ain't playing around. All right. The judges rarely need to do their job. When this guy gets in there because he's got cement blocks attached to his wrist. He joins us now on the hotline. What's up Joe Riggs? How're you doing man? Good. How are you doing what the point is plain whites? Make my walk. We know this player. Yeah. Well, we. No. I got I got got to Mexico, and I love the I'm off here. And then you're over just fun and Neo. Not you know like by. I would've rather. Last weekend. Not not wire, you know, because you know, that my that's my that's why do any, but you know, I love up here in boxing nowhere hurt my goal and my previous site in Michigan last month. So I went here with Bush. Push up, my leg and giveaway and Kate. So I feel I can pretty much just box, which is that all. And so, you know excited, you know, emerge. But it's yeah, I'm looking to Jay talking shit. What is strengthen conditioning when you're working on your cardio for bare knuckle, what do you focus on the most there versus like when you train for me. With their knuckle, UP you. He pick your shop. You know, you don't wanna just swimming wild then landed on the Hitler. And you know, phone phone edible, you please hand. So you the him punches or so, but you know, when their land in clearly people don't realize more safes or Nick because I would be you give me three kidney an option to be hit with the tennis ball wraps cats, and he didn't want to mix. Martial long school have cats and he. Fair knuckle their local nine times, I mean a hundred times. Buddy than it's explosion of that graph. The most games. Gotcha. Tell me about Ruto towbar. That's your opponent. It's a USA versus Mexico theme. You had a chance to study this cat. What does he bring to the table? Power speed. Both. None of it. You got a good job. Boston back that background. I noticed. I noticed he doesn't he's he doesn't come forward a lot. And when he does go backwards. He never good checkup with that. Been a. Gonna be back for him. You know, it's when you go shape, and you don't have any kind of check hook kind of leaves. You a lot A lot of of stuff. stuff. Yeah. He talking kinda headbutted me of land was kinda skill sitting claw. You know, bother me not way into the company. So he's gonna get a sucking Morris. More of that. That's what's up. Joe diesel Riggs our guest here on the main junkie radio show. He will be throwing down on Saturday night. It's bare knuckle fighting championship four, and you can catch the fights on fight dot TV. It is a pair of you twenty nine ninety nine gets you about ten twelve of these fights, including Julian lane.

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