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I have like any bear like no-holds-barred is whatever black soul or what was okay. So whatever. Yes which was radio real radio but was college radio but we could play whatever we wanted to. As long as you didn't curse obviously so. Did it hurt when you had to leave that. I guess it didn't hurt because you know more money. A commercial radio but that life is different college radio. You only get three to four years to run it right. I did it all four years. 'cause it was one of the things you'd go on campus. You can't like in the back in the head all the come. Join the press club right for the paper Come during the you know the the poker club and what. You're what period was this between what dan brown was eighty to eighty. Four from me. Wow okay eighty four. So remember where i so the cool thing i remember when i remember where it was when one thousand nine nine came out the data the data thriller came out. Oh man over thirty nine thousand nine hundred obsolete. I went straight from there to music. One forty two with professor cleaning was her name. I remember just like this. I'm gonna try to pay attention. This glass yeah so you want to be cut school for record or lose at night before for a record. Oh yeah. I remember being mad because because Do you know the triumph. Come out became an fall of eighty eight. It was september because i remember being in fifth grade. It was definitely september of a so. I just gotten a brown. I remember going to my first. Or second and shannon harris. I remember how he's fine. Fine shannon harris she had a saw might say is that mike. She had the triumph album left. The party really left the party to try to go to the record store before it. Because early i left to try to get to the record store before..

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