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It's an e cetera england of taking it very well as you can imagine it will end is so no not again heartbreak. A lot of questions of course about the penalty takers and why in fact it was soccer. A teenager who who's at the last one is about southgate. Said i decided on the penalty take is based on what they've done in training. That's michael. it totally rests with me. We were through them in training. This is the order we came to. We knew they were the best. Take as we have left on the pitch. This was the reaction. The boys heard that quote on yesterday showed dots the most insane sentence that i have already in football. I choose the player. We're going to kick the penalty. Never work like that would never work that. If i'm a greenish character. And i know i'm one hundred million poem player eventually talking i'm going in mindset shipper talent experienced. I think i'm listen. Forget nineteen year old. I'm going to take that responsibility. I agree with you jack. Relish would been more ready than soccer or essential. Roy came with similar sentiments. Saying if you'll sterling greeley's you cannot sit there and watch your. Kate woke up ahead of you. You cons jack. Greenish responding to that quote. Saying i said. I wanted to take one. The gaffer is made so many right decisions through this tournament and he did tonight. But i won't have people say that. I didn't want to take piano when i said i

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