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It when we were kids one of us was allergic to cats and dogs so in order to not ostracize that one kid my parents said we were all allergic. I was kind of crushed by this because I love the idea of having a authority for I was I was a furry when I was in very friend of very Powell and so the next logical step was to get rabbits and I remember going to the pet store to get a rabbit rabbit. I brought it home but it was hopping oddly and I picked it up and looked underneath it and realized that it didn't have find feet it just had these two little nubs so I brought it back to the pet store owner and he said all right orange pick out another one and he took it kind of aggressively and tossed it into a separate bin and I said well what's going to happen to that one and he said Oh one of the snakes is GonNa get lucky and so I said well okay. I you know I can't have that happen so I can you at least give me a discount on it and he he's. I'll tell you what I'll knock off five bucks so he gave it to me for fifty dollars instead of twenty and then right when you left the store with nubs he went onto feed the snakes a bunch of able bodied rabbits snakes out there like this one doesn't have feet good. The legs are my favorites are really my lucky. Day could be a dream life could be injury who ship chipper. You're listening to life short. I'm your two-legged host. Justin long nine sweetheart do uh-huh with always is Christian who also has his also a bipedal yeah yeah you are a bipedal such a typos happy ending. I ended up having knobs for God into college well into college so like seven or eight years. which is I was with you that day? When you try to return absurd and you remember when we were heading home this is we're dating ourselves here because when we were driving home and the popular song on the radio at the time was that Natalie Imbruglia song torn of REMM remember it well that's what we named and the rabbit on the way home because I remember like we named her Natalie out because he was playing on the radio already and then but let nubs ended up sticking because you know one syllable Natalie's kind of kind of a mouthful much more fitting yeah I mean it looked much more like enough and not only did we have knobs for how many years seven eight years he had a series of problematic yeah well rabbits? We had alice who was our first rabbit rabbit. She was cute but got it from one one Easter shoes a little I remember waking coming up on Easter morning and there was a rabbit in my bedroom and and this is our first rabbit and named Alice shoes a white rapper that looked cute but she had problems problems she would run around in circles. She wouldn't move in a straight line so shoot run around in circles and make this buzzing annoying yes she does. I think a neurological problem album of because she would co her head was constantly cocked to one side and she would favor that side when she ran so which is why she ran in circles because she was constantly. I think she was trying to go straight but her head was but she would also remember the worst thing she did she would she would. They just shit everywhere. I mean there there was my poor mother was like beside herself. Oh speaking AH rabbits shit everywhere. Oh Yeah you remember yeah. I know what you're going to say what you do to me. When I was a child so my two older brothers would to torture me they would one of them would would hold me down and the other would cover my eyes pinch my nose off? Oh this is awful WH- making my mouth open feed me what they said was rabbit. It wasn't that cruel because rob little because rabbits make little pellets poops and they would say say this is rabbit boob. You're eating rabbit. Who and I you know be fighting as much as I could but I would have to have this rob who for my mouth and come to find out they weren't feeding me rabbit poop thank God but it was ostrich poop but they were feeding me rabbit food these little pellets which which is roughly the same mm sizes rabbit proof still not good? It's still not good when you're when you say you're seeing some rabbit poop. You should instead be feeding them occurrence or something anyway. I guess they loves rabbits so so the reason we're talking. Rabbits extensively is because because our guest today is it's hard to separate her from her love of rabbits. She talks about how much she loves her. She used to go on Letterman and Dan and her pet rabbits. Remember were a major topic of conversation. She's a rabid enthusiast. Yeah that's fair to say and to the point where if you say something somewhat disparaging about one of her rabbits. She'll get very defend yes. She is such a unique human being yeah. It may be the most unique ever yeah she's up there yeah so August as Amy Sedaris who is a strange inge colorful fascinating person rabbit owner rabbit owner rabid enthusiast he said and just perform. I don't even know how to Amy's one those people that it's it's hard to label her really it's hard to 'cause. She's an actress. She's she's a writer. She's just a she's just an interesting God bird. I was introduced to her years ago. When I was in college shoes on a show called strangers with candy where she played so good a student but as an adult Jerry Bland jerri blank she he played a character called Jerry playing who is an older woman who who is in schools and high school and I remember my roommate John and college had an autographed poster picture rather framed of amy playing jerry blank blank and it was and it was made out him it? You said John Peon me love Jerry and I I thought it was right above his bed. I remember and I thought it was in his thing and now knowing a little bit. It's so funny to think of her doing that. Autographing Oh funny. She is so ooh weird and fearless. You guys worked together on movie called Ghost team a few years ago. It was the first time the only time you've worked with her yeah. No I didn't meet her on that. I had met her because we have mutual friends. I saw I I've known her for a long time but I really got to know her. Well on ghost team yeah. This is the first time we worked together. I think and then we a couple of years ago we went to. We hung out with her in her apartment. In New York. God just tonight we went over and we got stoned in her apartment and it was it's such a few hugh fascinating place to be with the rabbit and and the knickknacks everywhere it was like art director places it was such a fascinating place and really funny really funny time but she talks about her the knickknacks that she surrounds herself with and and and for lack of a better word. I wouldn't know what to call them but she's she. She all of those things have been important in a level of importance to our that they're they're all she's not like a horror. She's she creates a lot. She is really into like crafting. We get into it a little bit in the episode but She's she's really loves giving people gifts and she'll make her own things. She's a very she's craft. She's she's crafty. She's a really like a kid like a interesting little kid. we should also mention really fast that she is on she has her own show now call at home with Amy Sedaris that gets nominated for awards. It's it's Hilarious sort of variety show. I guess you'd say yes so you'll you'll we'll talk about that. We'll talk about instagram and rapids and everything in between mostly rapids yeah if you're not sick a rabbit chat. There's plenty more coming up my talk with the rabbit-loving one of a kind amy sedaris sweetheart a so Jonathan Van Ness is one of the guys on Queer Eye. Yes I think he's I just recently actually really binged watched the whole year where it's so good yeah and you would be a great candidate. I mean this is gonNA sound. Insulting does only in certain respects because Justin community so they would do such a good job at organizing your life Oh yeah but we're not advertising show someone episode and it was. It's really moving so well done and I think he's my favorite. He's the one of the long hair in the kind of old timey stash he does the grooming yes he wrote a book called over the top. Oh and it sort of about his growing up and how he you know skyrocketing into the public eye with queer eye and the audios took the so he does so he reads it was performed by Jonathan himself and we'll have you laughing crying all of it all the do you like this expression all the fields all the fields glove check it out over the top Jonathan Vanessa's available now in hardcover book and digital audio wherever you like to buy books meet again that night hung out at your house was one of the most sense we gotta do it again and I meant this when I said it it felt I remember leaving that night and thinking like Oh yeah we do this regularly this why not live on the Espn Paul down him recently and he said he saw you in. La just texted Paul down. He's great talk to him for this. No I won't he would be good to correct. He's Funny Paula. We've either bunch and Amy Paulin. I did a movie called Ghost team which you probably saw it you you saw the audience but rolling theme that's where we met no but we got to know each other. They worked together yeah and it was a great cat. I mean you and I and I guess that's where I'm Paul Townsend John Heater who had played Napoleon dynamite and we did a really fun thing once where we did. John Heater had a really good sense of humor about Napoleon dynamite. Would you say yeah an God. I can't believe that it was just real dance move in the movie that you're blown away by but not such a good he would bring it up often in fact like it's like tiny might yeah and it all culminated when we all did our impression of John. Do you remember that as a really funny the video okay so you prefer live audiences and do and I like the energy of a live audience and because you can't you have one day you have one chance. You're not gonNa you know stop. I mean now the Connecticut stuff but they're not gonna you. Just get away with more in a way you feel more like you. You can be yourself in the moment more and more media things. If something happens you your appearances on Letterman. We're always very shoot from the hip felt that way I mean I was always prepared but then in in I was always prepared but then I had my list of things. I knew I wanted to get in there. I didn't want run by the producers but then once you're out there. You never know what you know. He'll start start off with something then it's just your derailed but you have something to fall back on but missed doing letterman you you he and he had a really good almost like flirtatious shows well. I was in the show. I didn't really later when people like oh you too and I was like Oh that when you're in it you don't think about it that way and then when people started saying that what you didn't play it it up like I never never never it was just natural. It's just natural in. I think I asked you this before but you in touch with them. Called me like three years ago or something just to say. Hey how you doing owes one of those things I know killer now and I was in my underpants and I was petty my rabbit. The rabbit is how old now Tina's how far subpoenas the second round that I met did the first third rabbit but I found out tina was a male rabbit like a few months ago. I always said I thought it was a girl named Tina and I just found out it's a boy I did asked this. How did you find find out? They had an insert a catheter. She was sick and they usually gave me. This is a boy ravin not a female. It's really hard to tell I know oh I thought you meant it was hard to talk about about living with the big raving queen. That's the way I look at it a big big how I would have thought that rabbits had the hamsters have very prominent testicles. Did you know the rabbits and hamsters are very different so I didn't know that I didn't know that the hamsters have really big yeah..

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