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A piece that appeared in the American mind in February begins. A curious turn of phrase has slipped into discourse over the last few years. References to quote unquote. Our democracy turn up all the time lately, And even though a computer search shows that the phrase has popped up now and then since at least the 19 twenties Its usage has increased a lot recently. It's something that many people probably haven't noticed, and it's certainly innocuous enough. Our democracy hardly seems fraught with controversy. After all, we all have a stake in the political system, and it sounds a lot like a nice way to describe the republic the common thing we share. On the other hand, it's striking to notice who uses the phrase. Why should you care? That's the reason we're talking to sit to Seth Baron. He's the author of the piece, which we posted to the block entitled. What is our Democracy? When the left claims something is theirs. They mean it. He's a writer and managing editor at the American Mind and an author of the upcoming book Last Days of New York, which will hit in May. Seth. Why should we be concerned with the term our democracy? What does this mean? Well, you know, just looking at it, Neutrally. We shouldn't really be concerned about it all. I mean, it is something that You know, presumably, we all share in common. It's the Republic. It's something that ours. But I don't know if anyone else is notices but over the last couple of years, especially since Trump came into office We hear a lot about attacks on our democracy. And then after the Capitol Hill, the riot and you know, in January, you know the so called insurrection. We heard it being talked about all the time as a direct attack on our democracy. And of course, we heard this throughout the Russia. Investigations that The Russians were, you know, imperiling the elections and had stolen the elections. And there was another attack on our democracy on bits. Just a curious thing that you only hear this from the left. Napi. Pelosi says that you on Omar says it Ah! Basically everyone all the Democrats repeat us. And I was thinking about it and and it seemed like When they're talking about our democracy. They really mean is that it? It's Today or democracy. Anything that I mean, they kind of have a sense of ownership. And like a proprietary relationship. Two Ah! Basically, you know what you might call the regime like what? What's going on in the country right now. And so anything that opposes it is really an attack on them. You know so that something yesterday and I don't remember who wrote it? But it was talking about how What we've witnessed over the last few months and really over the last year with the pendant pandemic is this glamorization and glorification of government as a comforter, a caretaker Aziz. We go into our individual decline of poor health financially and physically, and this idea that the government is powerful. Is that what you think they mean by our democracy is really our government. You know, I think you're onto something there and it's funny because it speaks to something I noticed yesterday. The new Senate, the boy's senator from Georgia, John off Sof. He tweeted out. He's like, well, thanks to the voters of Georgia. The Senate has just passed. The most generous You know, bail out or Recovery Act or whatever they call it $1.9 trillion, and I thought it was so funny that, he said. He called it generous. Generosity indicates that Someone is giving something that his to someone else. Out of the goodness of his heart. And presumably, it's something that will affect him. Um The idea that a senator is being generous. Is that the Senate and being generous to the American people? Bye. You know, issuing $2 trillion worth of debt. In our name. It really spoke to the Reverse. Way in which Left. Views the people and the left views the government It's exactly what you were just saying, This isn't John all soft money. He's not being generous. Set of topping generous, generous to spend other people's money. Um, So yeah, it's a very strange relationship it exactly. It's like benefactor. Supplicant. You know anything about that? Angela Maya Angelo. Famously said, when someone tells you who they are, believe them. There is the old Greek notion that the word logos which meant law and language gives us such an insight into into what we mean by how we say it this language, The Washington Post. Used. The words said the Biden plan was showering money on the American people. As if it was cleansing and healthy and happy and virtuous. It's a very disturbing set of terms when in fact, they're actually just returning people's money. To them. I think your point is the language these people are using is attempting to co opt the very concept of government from being that which all of us share To that which their tribe shares and their actions reflect exactly that mentality. I couldn't say I couldn't have said it better and especially this idea that of showering. It's really like like a king. You know, throwing coins from his balcony. That the that's literally the way they see it that they are dispensing the booms. Um and what it what it means is that we need to be grateful. And and obey. There's I mean, in the context. I mean, normally, I guess you could just say, Oh, that's just political rhetoric. Given everything that's happened in the country over the last year. It's actually kind of frightening. I think it is in in it. It's sort of reflects a consistency of thought and vision that should disturb people. Because these air, not conclusions they are arriving at separately. It is as if they are reading from the same talking points. And that should concern people of great deal. This is a wonderfully written piece, Seth. Unfortunately, up against the break, we're going to have you back. Seth Baroness is associate with the Claremont Institute. I got to say we've never had a bad guest from the Claremont Institute. We posted the piece and we'll have him back to talk about his upcoming book Last days of New York. Very soon..

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