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Guys like Jacoby Myers, hunter Henry, Johnny Smith. These are all players of the Patriots breaking news here. I wish we had a big cut now. A little bit of a siren that we could go on. Hang on, hang on, hang on, I got it. Let me finish my take walks, find some siren. So when they cut off the middle of the field for Jacoby Myers, they had to go outside the numbers to something and nothing was there. And all season long, teams are going to sit all over those tight ends and Myers between the numbers, crowd that area, get that in that box. And they're going to force cam or Mac to throw the ball outside. And the Patriots are going to have to rely upon Nelson Aguilar, Kendrick Bourne, Nikhil Harry, somebody else, right? To win on the outside and win a one on one matchup. And last night, we saw that on third down, that that's exactly what happened. Do you have your breaking new siren here or not? I thought I did. All right. Breaking news siren and it was breaking news about a siren. Okay, so the breaking news is that wait, wait, wait, here it is. Here it is. Okay. Oh boy, there we go..

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