President Trump, Florence, South Carolina discussed on Morning Edition


I'm Scott slate with our top story this morning, the remnants of hurricane Florence or getting weaker. But there could be more catastrophic flooding in the Carolinas just as dangerous in terms of this. President Trump planning to visit the disaster zone. This week. Our live in depth. Coverage begins with WSB's Bill Caiaccio reporting this far from over. Yes. Got so far. Florence is blamed for at least seventeen deaths in north and South Carolina. Seeing epic flooding in North Carolina. Governor really Cooper says the storm is never been more dangerous than it is right now there's extensive damage in rivers will continue rising this week. Norman. Bryson director of emergency services in Oslo county says it's been decades since there's been a storm this devastating with the most catastrophic disaster. This county has seen in the last fifty or sixty years there have been hundreds of high water rescues in about six hundred thousand residents remain without power. WSB? Jamie Dupree reports President Trump will see it for himself. Free two point zero after keeping tabs on Florence from the White House through the weekend. President Trump will get another briefing today and is expected to see some of the damage firsthand in the Carolinas this week, the president will also get back out on the campaign trail with rallies in Missouri, Nevada election days, just seven weeks from tomorrow. Now, you're hearing about the conditions in North Carolina's still to come in Atlanta's morning news, how things in South Carolina are expected to worsen. Temperature at seven thirty one seventy degrees. I'll tell you Florence will impact our weather again today at seven thirty six I'm WSB.

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