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Now, he's got some room twenty-five thirty and bounce out of bounds into the tiger sideline. After a good pickup showing some patients there. Doug on the short side of the field. Still able to pick up a good run on first down that's blocking the LSU offensive line. The last two plays after that. First one ended up with a loss. They've had to nice gains in the last two broke set the ball carrier on both occasions picked up ten yards and just like that. It's first down at ten now at thirty one yard line of their own. Find Edwards e layer will check in for Bruce. And after those two back-to-back running plays borough. Play action throws has a man and incomplete the Giles had the safety cheating over at the last moment. Giles? Just couldn't get his hands on it down around the thirty five yard line of Auburn in borough trying to needle that went through with the defense bearing down and again coming over. But only Giles had a chance to make a play out of his reach. It'll be second data ten at the thirty one. Well, he's taking some shots deep, and even the ones that are not completed as long as they're not intercept you're backing up those safeties, and that's gonna create some space behind those linebackers second dad's in at the thirty one motion Dylan left to right behind the formation. Handoff. Clyde allergy layer grabbed by the jersey looked like they got a piece of the face mask. No flag. And he's brought down his one stumbled after the jersey grab up around the neck. Unable to get his balance and get moving a loss of two yards. Now going to set up a very difficult third down and a short twelve here for the Tigers. So far four for five on third down this afternoon. This was a big one here. Play this game of field position with four zero nine remaining in the first quarter. They lead over Auburn seven nothing. Third and eleven ball at the Auburn thirty yard line borough empty backfield five wide. Snap in the gun borough late pressure calms he throws and catch made grab by D. Anderson up around the middle of the field. A gain of thirteen yards.

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