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Improving much greater strength flexibility injury resistance speed. Quickness it cetera. And come out of the spring sessions, a better version of myself than, than if I had practiced and had less intense training, number five offensive line is so much more technical and requires many more years of technique than the wide receiver position much quicker to master the wide receiver position versus offense of line. So in order to get to a level of proficiency offensive line where there's a law of diminishing gains, it takes a lot longer number six, I like free food. Don't ever turn down a free meal. Now, I'm when he states it that way, is there an argument on the other side, especially given that these guys train on their own? They take their trainers with them. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with stretching people coming around with them and traveling with them or going to where they are for their specific training need. I would always say in your first season. It's probably just as look as a leader. It's something you should probably show up too, because I think fans like I think the giants got rid of Odell Beckham junior for some of these reasons and the first chance he has to make an impression on the brand. They're fan base, the coaching staff and you put Freddie kitchens at an impossible spot because he has to answer for him now. I mean, it's the first chance you have to make an impression just show up to the thing. I understand it's collectively bargain, but do the right thing and show up at the proper message. I think another argument is that, you know, the OT as in the whole off season program, really is, is a lot about team building and chemistry in. And if you're paying Odell Beckham to be Odell Beckham I think, part of what you're paying for is his mentor ship of the rookie wide receiver the free agent wide receiver the, the guys on the team who could be benefiting from his mere presence. So just to be clear, Joe, Thomas hall of Famer excellent, what he does reasonable eminently reasonable just gave you a nuance take on that Stu gods. And Greg, Cody totally ignored because they want to be Jada be leader. Well, it's a great take by Joe Thomas, but he's also a guy who was there for his entire career. I'm saying in the first season I don't care about next season the third season the fourth season fifteenth season in your first season. I don't think it hurts. You just to show up and you had about nine houses for closed on every time you have to disappear. Just one to you have to disappear to take care of that. He had his life up rooted, and now he's living in Los Angeles want him flying back and forth with an up rooted, life. Dan? You're so right. Who wants to fly from Los Angeles to Cleveland? And that's that's terrible on him which really brings into question. Why flew all the way to Monaco? I love that. He's in Monaco doing. No. He's not training and Monica. He's posting on Instagram him training which by the way, I'm not a fan of his training because he doesn't look like he's doing it right. There's a lot of quick motions and he looks like he could get hurt which is my next point OT as we all know that this is not gonna go well for Cleveland it's just in the cards for us as a franchise. That's just one other place. He can get injured..

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