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We'll talk soon buddy good weekend all right you too now right here with Steven. ESPN RADIO ESPN news eight say ESPN. It's seven to nine three seven seven six listen to Stephen Espn radio ESPN news by the way when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste. He needs to get to a shortlist of your qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot. COM POST A job in minutes set of screening questions based on your jaw. Ah Job requirements two zero qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard discover while more than three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today indeed dot com slash higher. That's indeed dot com slash higher nature valley Sweden salty balls of the indulgent bright you deserving your day. Have we tried the dark chocolate peanut and almond flavor. Now that's a sit on the dock and take a moment khandelwal nature valley sweet and salty ause. Let's consider the secret life of the IMOS nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly she has no brain however when in most nesting doll here's the GEICO not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years thanks. It's obvious you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer pity the innermost nesting dollond her lot in life you'll seem to the Stephen a Smith. Show podcast a reminder that Golick and Wingo will be live from New York this Friday covering the jets patriots match part of ESPN radio's fall football brought to you by marathon. Get five cents off every gallon every day away with making camera awards for Marathon to sign up visit make it count dot com or download the Free App Laser Gentlemen uh I'm a I'm a little bit here because.

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