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Owner of the previous owners at called this Laurel and what I took it over. We decided we'd leave the name the same because it does do a certain amount of charter business and we didn't want people to lose track of the boat load because we changed the name the wake and I wrote pricing per minute. Oh absolutely you'd like us to raise your prices. You feel better. No no no hello paychecks. Also no no no no no wife and I. We've talked about this and we were saying this is years ago. It's like how in the world do they do it so inexpensively expensively and obviously you guys have gone and got more efficient time. But how'd you go out there and get your first ten customers. Did you just cold call. Did you show up were you doing you know what I did. I ace put together. A mailing lists from the Roster Chamber of Commerce out about three thousand letters early November nineteen seventy and I was hoping to get sixty clients out of best mailing. I ended up getting six. Wow I I had gone true all my money by that ended up with six plants so from that and it was you know Beg Barrow and all the other thing but It took me forty years to get my goal. Three hundred clients. I ended up the first year with about forty so it was a long haul went for years without our payroll check. Good thing my wife took on a job and a charitable organization but we survived it and then it was just a matter of Eddie clients here after here. What was your low point when growing the business because doctors you started your first business? I started my first business. I worked at Applebee's target and direct ATV when I was starting. DJ CONNECTION DOT COM. And I remember vividly eating Rama noodles having no disposable to speak of being in a in a tight spot sharing during the one car. That barely worked Tom. What was your absolute lowest point when building.

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