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Oh, today's, although they did have offenses of that warrant in their first season of installation, so that may have helped them with other guys around them. You know that, unfortunately, excuses and reasons it's almost kind of ah of a perspective thing. And the fascinating thing withdrew lock is that Whatever you feel about him, there's something that you can point to to rationalize. And then then that's why this debate kind of it's. It's something that I hope doesn't consume Broncos country because everyone's kind of so intractable on their sides. Where is the reality is probably somewhere in between, and The reality is also showing that Drew walk, even though it may not look like it on the surface. At times he is incrementally getting better he's doing. He's doing some things. I know you had Tim Jenkins on and he went through some of that on the film. But when I was watching him on Sunday, and I was isolating on him with my binoculars, the thing I was seeing from him watching kind of his his way his from his his eyes were moving his head was moving. I'm seeing what I'm seeing is genuine progress in how he how he's scanning the field, and he was actually to me to my eyes doing a better job of seeing the entire field than he had say. Two months ago. You can see the growth there. With him. The question is, Is it going to be fast enough? And also, what is the ceiling for him? Is it Is it elite quarterback or is it somewhere in the middle tier? And I think that's something At the Broncos themselves are going to argue and discuss when they sit down and decide what their offseason plan is coming up next few months. What is drew lock ceiling compared to other possibilities this year, and next year. We'll be glad you said that cause that's exactly the way that I've said it. For the For the last little while now, But the problem is this is you know, as Drew locks publicist that doesn't go over. Well, it's what I've tried to say. I've tried to be rational. I've tried to be I've tried to be, is this you know is balanced about this is I can you know I was having fun. Last year, We talked about statues in front of the building and then you know, and I thought I was being ridiculous and cheeky and all that kind of stuff. And then somehow, Colin Cowherd managed to stake out a position to my right on the ridiculous scale by preseason, naming him the M V P order. VP candidate and and I'm like, OK, where were we? Wait. We need to come back to reality here Because now we're way out to lunch on this. Reality is exactly should wait out through. Luck has gotten better over the last five games. A box score might not show it. But the tape does now the question which, as you so eloquently laid out there's there's a couple of questions. Can you win with this kid? What's the ceiling? Can you get there? And can you win with this kid? And right now, those questions remain mostly unanswered. Exactly, And I think you Melvin Gordon kind of said it very, very well today that the progress of lock is going to make or break the team, and if he comes back, and he's the quarterback next year, it's that is going to be the most. Crucial factor in determining whether this team breaks through and returns to the ranks of the winning returns to the postseason or not, And that's and you think about what's What is on the line with that? I mean, Vic Fangio's, You know, I never thought he was going to get can after this year, But Vic Fangio's future beyond next year is on the line with that, you know, John John Elway's in his contract here. There's so much That right that rides on this, and I hope that as we get into the off season, and if Drew does have the situation where he's competing for the job, I hope he just tries to keep improving and getting better and not focus too much on the external pressure because That's the kind of thing that can make even someone who even the strongest of people crumble. So I hope he focuses on that focuses on his on his continued improvement, and I hope he has the opportunity to do plenty of work in the off season to improve. Of course, that's to be determined because of covert. And how will today's and everything ends end up ends up looking, But I hope he has the opportunity to get better, and I hope he has the opportunity. To get his receivers and tight ends into into a Peyton Manning south camp for a few days. I think that that would help him out as well. Yeah, and we're talking to Elijah Wilkinson earlier, Ondas sort of having a conversation about Remember how this year the defense coming into the second year with Vic Fangio? That was a big topic with like, Hey, does it feel you feel more confident even with the weird off season? Do you feel more confident? Because you spent a year in this system, and I think the same conversation can sort of happened for the offense for a lot of these guys that are expected to come back because they are, after all. The youngest offense of the NFL for a lot of these guys coming back for a second year. I think, regardless of kind of help, the offseason shakes out there could be at least a little bit of optimism there, don't you think? Absolutely a second year in this offense for the line in particular, a third year for good for guys like Dalton rise during and Gary Bowls with Mike Monk Shack, and that's another group where you can, where you can see powerful progress. And you know that, Of course, The Giri Judy drops are understandably a hot topic this week, but all you have to do is look at Tim, Patrick and Courtland sudden in recent years. And how they're dropped Rates got better from year to year. Working with Zach A. Zanni. I expect the same thing is going to happen with Jerry, Judy and K. J Hammer. And then you start saying no offend, continues to progress to get Alberto Cueva nominee back in there. Start. It's this is I think why Melvin Gordon says. Hey, it's gonna be drew lock that makes or breaks us because they're going to have plenty of weapons out there. All right. Makes the $20 million question. What do you do? General Manager Andrew Mason. What do you do at quarterback this offseason? General manager Andrew Mason would bring in A competitive hedge and This reason to start here. You. You should make every position on your roster as good as it could possibly can be. And unfortunately, with all respect, Jeff Driskel, I do not believe that bring him in made the backup quarterback position as good as it could have been. And if it pushes Drew lock. Well, then you're gonna learn something about him. Because you know you find you find out how he operates with a little bit of pressure behind him. But then if something happens and you lock is hurt, you still have you still have a chance and the gun and If it were up to me if Marcus Mario to were made available, even though he's not the same stuff quarterback as drew up with Mario to were made available, he is a guy that I would take a long look at and be kind of.

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