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I don't know if it's working against do Quinn Paul van Cara switches on to you. Well, it will be more reps to see for him. But I'm aligned with there's just a lot to be desired with the freshman wing crop. Well, in like another guy there that Harrison Ingram looked like he was in slow motion against Baylor. Like you're playing against the guys that are jamming the turbo button all game long, and Harrison is going to play slow anyway. He was just this methodical Ford garden affords body where we can cross you up and take it, but it's not the blow by. It's your step behind and I'll pump fake you jump and finish opposite. He's more of like a crafty quick than he'll ever be fast. I don't think anyone's ever gonna say he's fast. No, totally. That's not his game. His game is craft. His game is skill, his game is footwork. Deception, right? Yes, I like deception. Having said that, like, dude looked like he was literally in slow motion against Baylor. Like there's a difference between like, oh yeah, like he's not as athletic as Kendall brown and even like Jeremy sohan. I thought Jeremy sohan looked a lot more athletic than he did. And then looking like, oh, wait like his athleticism is a significant problem. Is he even like tries to blow by? Like Kendall Brown, I'd like multiple moments where he was like a step and a half behind and just recovered to him. Right? Like I'm intrigued by Harrison Ingram. Don't get me wrong, I have a top 50 grade on him right now. But he's really going to have to shoot it and he's only taking two threes a game and making them a 38%, but he's going to win by being an elite shooter. So like it's a fascinating freshman wing class and some of those guys are going to explode and be great..

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