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Only way i can explain this as she's wearing these mc hammer pants in it's taken from behind so she's looking from behind and she's got like she's showing off a big old back end and that's the nice way of putting it and she's got one foot up like on a rock or something like she's trying to pose i don't know what that means the juicy pants mc hammer pants well he's to me it looks like she's wearing tinfoil pans and it looks like out of in nineteen sixty if you wanted to say this is what we're dressing like in two thousand eighteen this is what they would guess we dress like so she's got one leg up like on a rock and she's looking from a hind and she's trying to show off her back end and i'm looking at this thing and i said from the microwave you know i can probably hit that cardboard cut out with a creamer so i put creamer in my hand in wild microwave was going i thought i could probably hit this with the creamer and i looked at it and i thought better not do it because it will explode it'll make a giant mess and then we'll get an e mail on monday morning who through creamer at the at the stupid cardboard cutout that was basically a bullseye won't get it till thursday oh yeah vacation this week as a fourth of july i it was it was so hard to resist and then i looked around and i said i could throw a fork but it won't go that far i i could throw spatula and i'm looking around like a sugar packages not heavy enough it's like the cremers the right thing because if you're on target the thing explodes and i don't know why thought that i thought maybe i'm maybe i'm starting to go crazy maybe the sickness i had last thursday got to my head in it burnt some more brain cells up in now that's a good idea what does that mean rundstedt by life so i put the creamer down but i'm going to be honest i'm still thinking about how great that would feel to do it i don't know why i just don't it's one of those weird strange things fourth of july this week maybe i'll be able to blow something up and get it out of my system but we will have a show on fourth of july night in producer ben has already started the countdown for the number of dumpster fires reported to the police department or fire department in believe it or not the.

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