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The business happy hour with frank oto ryan pilkington and doug ford now back to the show all right we are back here with the soon to be now don't forget you gotta come out and vote for because it's a tight race it's really close to for these three votes attorney general of florida banjar but not before she finishes the land is green so i didn't know much about linda screen but so we're unacknowledged door my son is is where fsu all these women lying out on towels waterfall and frisbees are being thrown out dogs are jumping toward the tour guide stops and has everybody face landis screen of course my son stops listening to anything she say of course and i'm just sitting here going isn't he catching this is clearly not fair doesn't happen not fair what you're talking about that we go to walk off and i looked grabbed the tour guide and i said do you guys do this on purpose because i really feel like remember them doing that for me with my to florida i went to florida's day can you say no to to people yeah and give them some tips brains as maybe some beach volleyball you know you got to connect with them somehow so where did you choose has he chosen yet he is he goes to florida that you're strong influence no actually no i stayed out of it yeah and then the whole family stayed at it as well florida is an amazing school it really it really is i i tour them all as well i felt i felt like florida state had more of a college feel it's beautiful stunning campus and what is not a smart you know really pretty you absolutely it's an amazing school and academically it's it's it's right near the top institutions in the nation it your support florida school i in fact in fact i think we are so fortunate in florida we have such good schools here a system we've had leaders that have really tried to make that a priority completely agree i completely agree so kids have great choices let me jump to the news real quick and then we're going to go into ashley's platform to hit her with those hard questions the number one thing that i wanted to mention this is the number one but it's the most local thing we've got there's a base where student bayshore high school brought a gun to school and now they're accelerating the backpack policy in schools which we thought was you know not not not a bad policy if you don't have a backpack you can't hide it but this guy had it on his waistband i mean how are you gonna stop that metal detectors detectors there you go and doug you have a story about school you drop your daughter off this morning but did you see outside of school well i mean i just noticed every school i drove by the pat a police cruiser parked in front like on the grass you notice there's a police cruiser there yeah i've never noticed that before his nose to recently yesterday and today our good buddy grady judd actually said that last friday was the last day that would not be parked in the front on the grass so it was noticeable when i saw my son off school this morning yeah he noticed two police officers standing in front of the school and he goes what are they doing here oh okay they're just here to you you don't see a police cruiser sitting in front of the school at all they'll they'll park on the side or somewhere but it was right in front but it's interesting your son's eight their mine and they're very you know at that age difference not only that but they actually did the active school shooter drills at our elementary school so i don't know if your son school did that but so you.

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