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So you've got this big picture Barry Manilow on your chest and I have to say you're anti Manilow bias is really showing I'm just saying so you have that that could be right I should tell you that these the participants in these experiments were undergraduates for home Barry Manilow was not to particularly pride inducing figure that said they also ran the experiment later using figures that people were in fact consistently happier to have on their chest like Martin Luther king or Jerry Seinfeld or Bob Marley you get the same effects with them too those are my choices Manilow Marley king and Seinfeld and different experiments these different things also in some experiments use John tension vanilla ice so it's not just a very mantle of phenomena okay okay but you get the idea so they put on this T. shirt and they walked down the hallway can you run into a labral and there happened to be a few other people sitting around the room these are other participants in the experiment there already filling out the questionnaire is an experimenter says you've arrived a little bit late but it's okay just go ahead and get started here you can sit down and you start filling out the questionnaire after just a moment the experiment of turns back around it says you know what I'm afraid you've started a little bit late ones just come on out of the room and you know what will get you started doing something else okay at that point the experiment is really over what happens now is the experimentar asks you how many people in that room would be able to identify that it was Barry Manilow on your shirt and when you say identify that was him not meaning like you don't mean how many people knew that that like this was him you're talking about did they notice whether I was wearing a very low sure enough that's right did they notice that you were a bit wearing a Barry Manilow and so you predicted how many in the room he thought would I would say Hey I'm wearing a Barry Manilow shirt hundred percent of the people are gonna notice someone your so they did something like that yes whether you are proud of it or embarrassed of it they tended to think that lots of people would notice in fact they thought about fifty percent of people in the room would notice because you weren't in there for a long time you were at the center of attention we could a major the center of attention but you weren't so they were busy and other things but it was still pretty high the important comparison is not that it's how many of the people in the room actually did notice that it was very Manilow on your shirt and there it looked as far as you could tell nobody was able to tell that is very mellow do you mean to say that people aren't paying attention to everything that I do it is possible yeah so what do you call this affect them so this is a a consistent problem with ego centrism so one thing that makes it hard to understand what others are thinking is that we tend to rely on our own mind perhaps a little bit too much in contexts where it's not necessarily perfectly appropriate to do so maybe a rational thing to do but it still leads to an accuracy so in this situation here you're wearing is Barry Manilow sure Stephen your proudest fact you're you're strut your stuff walking into this room and because you are so aware of yourself it's easy then to assume that others are more aware of you than they actually are and that's just one of many different examples of where ego centrism or inherent focus on ourselves you're always present when you are present you are always aware of yourself and your own thoughts and feelings when you're out in the world that can sometimes lead to errors this is one case where it leads you to think that your notice more often than you actually are what definitely.

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