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However, I think that our sessions needs to be doing more. He needs to be standing up to these. You know, local crooked politicians who are doing this sort of thing. But this doesn't keep an eye on a community safer. Regardless of what they tell you. It's creating a haven for criminals, and every one of the people who who live in a sanctuary city or state, they need to get out and vote organised to get out and vote big time in November and make sure that petition twenty two does not pass that are that. It does pass that we get that. They get rid of the sanctuary policies up in Oregon. But I also fight for the for the blue the blue family. You know, the police officers a law enforcement officers in our in our country who have to deal with these dangerous criminals, and like you said in sanctuary cities, my God, I can't even imagine what it's like to get up every morning put a uniform on what you have facing you number one. The hate from your fellow Americans who you protect and then number two dangerous criminals that are allowed sanctuary in our country by allowing those dangerous criminals to have sanctuary in our country for political purposes. I would argue they are showing a profound disrespect for the foundational principles of this country. Am I wrong? Oh, you're absolutely one hundred percent, right. And. Any one of those those people who are putting those sanctuary policies into place, and who are screaming abolished ice and get rid of the very people who are protecting our communities nine one one bit beat the first thing, they would call it. They were in trouble. And so they need to start respecting those people who are in those positions and and put their lives on the line every day. Reminds me of that don't they all cartoon eventually a bumper sticker from the nineteen sixties is next time. You're in trouble. Call a hippie. Well, it could very well. Be, you know, next time, you're in trouble instead of calling just call illegal alien, they'll come protect you. And of course, it's been ironically. Because that's the last thing anyone would ever do. Right. They would expect to the protection of the police to be at their Beck and call should they face that circumstance? I don't know Mr. Tibbets, but I would imagine that if he had his druthers right now, he would rather have had his daughter protected by a police officer who happened to be coming by that moment when she was taken then not because he lost a dollar because police can't be everywhere doing everything. So eventually becomes our responsibility to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens, and when I said earlier. You know, you say that ironically about your two sons, I'm not sure that far off from that that vigilantism is ugly. But I do think that that's a prospect for where we are going because the people on the political left in the open borders types, have no interest whatsoever in respecting the laws of this country. And instead what they wish is to recast this country is something very different. And that is what's in their interest. Marianne Mendoza is with us with one of the founders of the angel families. Telephone number here is four one zero WCBS six eighty toll free long distance. It's one eight hundred WCBS say, we only have you for few more minutes. So folks, if you have a question, perhaps you've had a circumstance yourself to pass along please call right now four one zero WCBS six eighty. Have you have high cholesterol take steps today to get it under control naturally? I got to tell you about this stuff rescue natural supplements. They offer silver products that support cholesterol health, and I've been taking the rescue LDL execute ten for about a year, year and a half. Now. It's amazing stuff is made with red yeast rice, and it has taken my cholesterol from high to low is phenomenal. It has natural stuff in it. That does is red yeast rice is cool stuff. Let's right now you can buy.

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