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Well, and you know, you look at last year he was very close to the pace and at the turn back wintertime at the end here. I mean, he was he was with authority and in control. Yeah. And you know, the the wind times and the the horses the share the upsides and the horses that he's running against are always you know, what fast horses. So there may. Not be household names everywhere. But you can see what how does when he leaves here, you know, the the horse seats running against here or or or at Oklahoma or caliber horses. Well, and it it's also sustained him, you know, this pattern of development and getting him. You know started at this time of year. I it it obviously is paid dividends. And he was at his best that at h five. So here he is at eight six he's never been off the board at Oaklawn. And you know, we we've heard and we just know from watching as the season unfolds the three year olds and beyond the horses that start their their season at Oaklawn, they come. You know by the time, they move back toward Kentucky and wherever they're gonna head the middle middle American, Illinois and Minnesota and wherever else they're you know, they're in prime shape. It's one of those one of those facilities that over the years you've heard about I mean Hialeah. Famous that way fairgrounds. Bobby Frankel used to say he'd go to fair you take horses, of course, to fairgrounds the wasn't fit at the start the year. And then by the time, you left in March you had, you know, a fit and ready horse. I think Oakland really tries with their with their track. They have we have a track committee, and we meet once a week, and that's the horsemen getting together with the with the people that run the racetrack. And we tell them, you know, what what our ideas are if we think that it's it's this or that. And they they they actually work at it. And they work with keeping communication between the horsemen. So I think that's one of the reasons why the horses stay around for as long as they do. And and as we get closer toward this portion of the meat that's going to be extended. What's your what's your feel for how the how it's playing out in practice? We're always talking about how beautiful it is. When we're leaving, Oaklawn. And you know, we we say there's just too rainy and cold day or too rainy and cold times in hot springs, and that's one of them's for forty five days and the other one's for forty. But when we're leaving Oakland is beautiful. So everybody's pretty excited to think about what it's going to be for that last two weeks. The and I mentioned, of course, Arkansas derby day and and the racing festival the south. But in the meantime, we got a big weekend coming, and you know, there's a lot of people that have got horses for potentially these two rebels. Come on. Where's your where's your three or cabinet too late? For cabot. We're not ready yet. But I'm proud of the what we have is. You know, I was joking around with a with my buddy this year if they asked the jeopardy people who who won the nineteen rebel. They may be able to say, you know, to answer they may be Baffert. Both of them. What are you out of curiosity? What do you got any got any little little hints for people for the ones that are that are ones that are local? You know, I think there's some nice local horses. That's going to be you know, a little under bet. But I'm gonna say, you know, I like laughing FOX, I think he's a nice horse. And I think he's coming into the right time. You know, I think. There's there's two or three that's there. But I mean, you Baffert looks pretty imposed. Yeah. He doesn't what about frosted ice with you. You're considering weren't you? He's got a he's doing. Well, he weren't good..

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