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In the Tacoma Langley Crossroads neighborhood of Takoma Park. Glennis Medina says, Thinking of Senator Kamala Harris is projected elevation to vice president is inspiring. I hope that she could make it to the presidency. Those are my hopes, nor a party Lovell Allison. Western wear sees positives ahead for small businesses like hers, not just like business, but just reforms on everything is going really for one made into come apart. Kate Ryan w T. O P. News to people are fighting for their lives this morning after two separate head on crashes in Montgomery County. One happened on New Hampshire Avenue near Crest Haven drive Yesterday afternoon, One of those cars caught fire. There were two passengers who were injured and taken to the hospital, one of them with life threatening injuries, the other in critical condition. Another head on crash happened at 4 30 this morning on old Columbia Pike near must Grove Road. One person had to be cut from a car. Two others were injured as well. One person from that crash suffering from life threatening injuries, the other two taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Police officers and Fairfax County. Stay there, please to hear Chief had. Rosler is retiring. After months of reported discontent with his leadership. Rosler's served as chief of Virginia's largest police force for more than seven years. He's stepping down in February. There's been a tremendous amount of pressure for him to resign or to retire. Fraternal order of police Lodge 77 president Brad Carruthers says Chief Ed Rustlers retirement couldn't come soon enough for officers that have given the department a shot in the Arms. That change will be coming in September for others, says 300. Officers joined a listening session with the chief and spoke to deteriorating morale. One officer who asked that we don't use his name, spoke to the lack of confidence that the chief would back them up if they had to use force on a suspect, so people are ignored over that line is and they're afraid of the chief throwing him in handcuffs in July, after Rossler admonishing officer later indicted on three counts of assault and battery for his arrest of a citizen, the F O P wrote to Rosler urging, he stepped down. Her brother's cited a poll of members were 98% said they'd support a formal request for him to resign. I definitely believe if if you're doing your job, your your employers would have your back Anthony Guglielmi with the Fairfax County Police says Rustlers retirement was planned for a year and says the chief quote, said the department will never be in a better position to transition to the next generation of leadership than it is right now. Meghan Cloherty. W T. O P NEWS Fairfax County Fire investigators are asking the public for help figuring out what caused the fire at a large abandoned house on Halloween. It caused more than $620,000 in damage. Firefighters arrived just before midnight at the house in the 1000 block of Bellevue Road in the McLean area of the county to find it partially collapsed with fire shooting through the roof. Teenagers and young adults often gathered at the house, so investigators are wondering if the fire was set or was started accidentally. If you saw Suspicious activity at the House in the weeks leading up to October, 31st the investigators would like to hear from you. Christopher Cruz, w. T. O P knew she sees moving close sort of having a dedicated bus lane along its busiest stretch of 16th Street in northwest By the end of the year, the city is expected to start a $9.5 million project to reconfigure 16th Street. To provide dedicated bus only lanes during rush hour, along with new bus stops and other road improvements. This will be along the nearly three mile stretch of road that runs from Arkansas Avenue into downtown GOP News time. It's 9 15 sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Pink Red J. Brooks lot happening on the football field yesterday in coming up today, we'll start with today. First Jonah's Washington stuff we'd done continuing with they host the New York Giants. Second time this season. These two teams will play here is Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on facing giant starting quarterback Daniel Jones. For the second time we recognizes he's got The ability to make all the throws that he's got the ability to run the football as well, which we saw in the first game to me. We've got to look at, you know, playing him at his best, and and we're preparing accordingly, you know, So we recognize the talent level in the skill level, and they've got a lot of weapons. We gotta worry about again. A one o'clock kick is some 3000 fans are expected to be in attendance. At FedEx Field Ravens at India one, of course for 25. Stiller's at Cowboys, Cincinnati, Cleveland, the Eagles as well as the Rams on their bye week. College football. John your Maryland Terps all over winless Penn State. 35 19 Drops head coach Mike Locksley are not being able to win at Happy Valley these past several tries really happy that our young team got to enjoy success up here. Which is a tough place to win, as we all know that have been turned fans for years. All three phases contributed to the wind was happy early on where our offense executed. Also going on Virginia Tech Fall in number 25 Liberty 38 35 J. Brooks w T o P Sports We've got traffic and weather coming up Next. 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