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Like that trip rain at thanksgiving giving them winning the winning this is how would never dismiss this one of the automatic kelly christmas what do you think about that guy right i get it i get it but honestly like i love going back and forth with joy bad ass like when we just reached out and we go there's footage online i mean him going back and forth tour bus seven scotch and and then yeah i mean but honestly mc's i just love getting on sees if you ever see me on on records like whether it's big sean or whoever it's that's the funnest thing and actually it's funny because when i did what's up on bobby tarantino i had the hook and sean killed it he came in verse was so i feel like he murdered you on your shirt but i hadn't laid a verse yet so i went to him and i was like you already killed me and i texted almost this is so one of the i gotta go off on this show any technique goes eight don't be trying to our rat me live keyboard friendly logic and i was like yeah i know okay so then i did it and then i felt like it was the perfect balance like we just had fun did a good job let's get him in first of all trying to save time eminem i don't even want i want slim shady on the track me and slim whose arm is this i think i cut it off at the pharmacy like this.

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