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You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Sacred Heart sixty miles from home forced to turn bus around by Mitch Stevens, twenty minutes out of Morgan hill and a couple of hours from gametime Sacred Heart cathedral football coach, Barry, McLaughlin, got the call. Turn the bus around and comeback. HSE athlete director Phil freed said the game has been postponed the six PM central coast section open division three quarterfinal game. At live oak was one of thirty three playoff games in the bay area called off Monday because of poor air quality caused by the campfire in Butte county, the Irish were likely last to get word, and certainly the most inconvenienced McLaughlin had read the AQHA index around Morgan hill all day and was hopeful the rematch with the acorns SHC was eliminated at live oak in a first round CCS game last year would be one of the few CCS. Games. Played all but four of the fifteen CCS games were postponed by early afternoon by five pm. They all have been called off the Irish were sixty miles from home. They returned roughly ninety minutes later unscathed optimistic and still together. Sure, we were disappointed to get the word and not to play McLaughlin said, but none of us lost perspective. Y we had to turn around. There's a greater good at play here. If air-quality cooperates the Irish five and five we'll get back on that bus Friday for a seven PM game. Like almost all football teams in the postseason. SHC needs to remain patient and sharp getting in practice time could be a challenge this week. That was another reason McLachlan was hoping the Irish could get in the game. This is the third time. The game was rescheduled on the way down the kids were definitely focused on the game. He said we were very much locked in. It was. All business coming down when they got the news they regrouped quickly they're teenagers. But they know what's going on. They know people lost their lives and homes in the fire playing a high school football game. Can wait the Saint Ignatius at Sacred Heart prep. Atherton d three game was changed for a second time with a new venue after Saturday. Afternoons game was postponed to Monday night at Sukhoi a Redwood the game has been rescheduled back to Sacred Heart prep at one pm Saturday. The sl SHP game is the only one slated for Saturday. The rest are scheduled Friday night.

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