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Of what Snodgrass is charged with murder Robert Kennedy's granddaughter has died at the age of twenty two the apparent result of an overdose met the families Hyannis port compound in Massachusetts details regarding the death of sheer shock Kennedy hill have not been released first responders found her in cardiac arrest brushed her to the hospital where she died her grandmother Ethel Kennedy said in a statement the world is a little less beautiful today a just released report by the CDC on drug overdose the says that drug overdose deaths are looming in cities again Sir corresponded Gerry none has more on that I'm Gerry none for more than a decade people in rural areas died from drug overdoses now it's a bigger problem in cities again the epidemic has been driven by opioid pain pill abuse but more users move to heroin then to Fenton all the distribution system for those drugs is more developed in cities increasingly desperate urban areas are impacting Hispanics and African Americans but women continue to die of overdoses of higher rates in rural areas Gary none reporting Daniel fancy far bait Nick is tomorrow but the grounds of St Jerome Catholic Church in graves county and western Kentucky it's the unofficial start of the fall campaign season and this year's picnic will feature a showdown between political rivals Matt Bevin and anti bush here the governor and his democratic challenger will both be on stage so while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell his democratic challenger Amy McGrath will not be there the candidates for Attorney General Greg Stumbo Daniel Cameron are on the list and another highlight of the fancy form picnic can be found on the bed you barbecue pork and button your next news update at ten thirty I'm Paul miles news radio eight forty W. H. A. S. Kentucky on us breaking news weather and traffic.

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