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Sean Marash doing great work stepping in Andrew Bogus, helping out D cell who keeps his hair cut very short. A few good men style pulled out the few remaining hairs that were up there. These. Are you okay? Look, I gotta tell you Whenever this happens, it's very easy for me to put my feet up and wait for you guys to fix it and watch you guys run around in the sky that looked That looks like a rough way to start on Monday, pal. It was the best way to start a week. But we got through it. Thanks to Sean. And thanks to our engineering team, both here and in California, and here we are. And we are happy Monday, buddy. I thought maybe the hurricane, you know, created some some problems down there. It's all good here. What we gonna do today over the course. The next now hour and a half. Tony Romo is a colleague. Great guy. The Nostradamus of NFL play calling But I feel like he jumped the gun a little bit. In anointing Zach Wilson, Dan Marino. And when I say that he anointed Zach Wilson, Dan Marino, If you listen to the show enough here, and we appreciate you if you do that might sound like me being hyperbolic as a way to make a point. No, no, we'll play the clip in about Let's say 20 minutes or so. Of Tony Romo literally anointing the Jets rookie one of the great quarterbacks of all time. We've got a theme that we're going to lean into on this Monday. And it is. Arrogance is an arrogance Monday. We'll get into. I think what we saw in that Bill's bears preseason game, and Sean did an amazing job talking about the graciousness. Of Justin Fields, the early on leadership of a young quarterback handling a quarterback battle the right way the maturity that he showed that certainly he was able to glean from his college experience. Understanding people who doubt him and acting toward Andy Dalton the way you're supposed to toward a colleague, But I also have concerns and how Mitchell Robiskie even in a preseason game, toward the Holy hell out of that bears defense and what it says about Matt Nagy. And about the great I think Achilles heel around the National Football League. And that is coaches who, too often think they're smarter than the game and how that doesn't just endanger the reputation of Bill Belichick long term with the Patriots. It doesn't just endanger what the Jags are trying to build with Urban Meyer. It doesn't just endanger the Green Bay Packers. All that's true. I think it also puts at least a little bit of risk and maybe a lot of risk Justin Fields. And his opportunity. To be able to grow into the kind of quarterback talent wise that that graciousness deserves that we saw in that press conference after the game. We'll do that. We'll probably reset the show Dude about 10 or 15 minutes from now by our cell next hour. Speaking of arrogance, James Harden. I understand hard and announcing that nobody can beat his team. If they're all healthy, that they think they're invincible. I sort of get it. And it would still be obnoxious. If that sort of a trio came together, and let's say LeBron James were part of that trio or Stephan Curry were part of that tree or back in the day. Kobe Bryant or MJ are part of that trio. I don't need to hear it from the beard. A guy who has never accomplished anything resembling approximating or approaching a championship level of basketball will hit that next hour. We'll talk to me honest. But I do want to sort of check in on. Just make sure the guys are doing okay. A lot of chaos over the.

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