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Us illegally as children they'll where senator tom carper is meeting with some of them today meghan pauley of member station w d d e reports the first class of dreamers at delaware state university began last fall now their future on the campus is uncertain as details emerge about president trump's plan to end daca victor santos is in charge of university government and community relations it will be a bad look for you if you've got i agents more then take paul's campuses people businesses wherever people are working in door i think it's just bad santos says immigration reform is essential he says he hopes congress finds a legal way for dreamers to stay in the country for npr news i'm meghan poly in wilmington delaware following north korea's test of its most powerful nuclear device yet this past weekend south korea a is engaging in a live fire drill at sea and peers illyes hugh reports the naval drills began today with warships conducting a live fire exercise in the sea off korea's east coast they will continue through saturday on monday south korea conducted a mock attack on the north's nuclear testing site with fighter jets the presidential office here says washington and full also agreed to remove a limit on the size of south korea's missile warheads so the south can boost its own defensive power these moves come as the us in south korea vowed to step up pressure on north korea following its sixth nuclear test and pierre's ilie's hugh in seoul on wall street the dow jones industrials are down one hundred sixty four points at twenty one thousand eight hundred twenty two the nasdaq is down nearly 34 points this is npr from kqed news i'm brian watt the heatwave is over though my bike and bart ride in this morning was pretty balmy local air regulators expect the region's airquality too b moderate today for the first time in five days the bay area air quality management district has not issued a spare the air alert meteorologist rick canepa with the national weather service says the fire smoke that hovered over the bay area for days is.

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