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So twenty twenty one is in full swing and summer is upon us and like people i feel like are gonna be getting a loose with a capital l. because we've been my cooped up or whatever so like what if you were single. What is the type of thing you would like to hear from a woman who's like trying to hit on you during these like new fund times if i was always in if i was single is a Okay l. phrase it this way i just wanna on how to approach gentlemen from yourself from the question okay myself. Let me remove myself from this okay okay. Hey i've got a nice clean apartment all that parallels at my part it's clean to some good clean fun. I truly i bet people are going to love to hear about like how like. Oh i was in pure isolation this whole time and it didn't make me insane like okay. Maybe that is a good way to hit on somebody. So i've been alone for months. And t he i'm still norma. I feel like somebody would fully be turned off from the. I don't know if you're normal over. Copy you're not. Well you're sick probably. That was bad advice from me for this for all that stuff. I was actually orbiting space x ship. And i gained back. What happened back here. i'm agean do you think there's anyone who has gone somewhere and like miss the pandemic like do you think. There's like some buddhist monks somewhere on a retreat have been there for a year got to. I heard somebody woke up from a coma like a few months ago. Imagine that so while to like maybe like a car accident you know god bless and then wake up and be like we so there's a virus you mean i can't go to dave and buster's keep we. I wanna go to david buster. That's how i got my accident. I was all my dave and buster's driving too fast. I really hope dave. And buster's survives the pan demi because what a treat to go to dave and buster's as an adult very hammered and play games. Oh yeah see. That's solves my chucky cheese issue of the same reason that can't go to sonic alone. You see you give me a childrens children things in adult situations that that can't sound right. If you get me rephrase that things don't situation that's where you're going. What was that movie that garden so much trouble. Oh it was like a french movie which movie that how. God what are we doing. This is problematic. Al's little girls or is it like girls. Lena donohoe this one was. But i fully remember it and i remember being like oh. I'm scandalized when i was like. Maybe you show watch it all just like read a headline and we're like oh that's terrible cook basic. Did you read the fucking article. Do you even know what it's about right. Exactly the whole point of the headline is to make you look at it. Yeah notice twitter. Has that new feature where it's like. Do you want to read this article before you re tweet it a lot of times. I'll just write. I read something that. I haven't read up like i did it read this. I'm not doing the research wild and then people in the comments will be like. I read it. Here's what i've gotten so lazy as long as someone does. The work is a community. I mean it's a miracle through acting school because that's like all you have to do the work yourself you can't be like jenn learn my monologue for me and she's gonna do it. Did you go to acting school. I did. I dropped out of acting school. Actually oh acting skew drop down. Where did you drop out wayne state university in detroit all right but i started working at second city in detroit and it was really hard to do. Both and i was kind of being pressured I was doing. I was doing other plays outside of school and i was going to being pressured about my time committal and so finally i was like all right well. I'll just kind of work than it is funny when schools like either devote more time to school or go make money. I think i think i'll take the money. I'll work a work and mike. I'm in the door already and also you're making me pay you to do this Yeah when i went to acting school. They the really edition encouraged the operative encourage. They really do not audition like you're not done with your training and i kept in the back of my brain is like but what if you book something play. Who cares if you're done with your training. Something also like auditioning is its own training like you. I wish so and had told me that. I mean auditions are different than a table. Read that is different than the job. It's so wild it's wild. I hate them. But i still but i do. Learn from them is the most raw nerve. You can never be yes. I do not like auditions. Auditions are like. Do you like me way. Read this part yes. I'll take that nope. But that's not how i prepared it. Not how i saw the character. I'm sure i've been pretty locked in how i imagined it. Sometimes they get a note. And i'm like no i can't let these people know they've thrown into a tailspin incorporate. This this is nothing like i practiced. Oh there's nothing worse than that after a re it'd be like i'm sorry about that. No it's okay. it's not no the fact they even said. I'm sorry about that. Made it not okay. Even here this is a four. Just the they left engines on fire. Lemme just land this plane. Get outta here. i had one audition. It was like a pretty gruff mom. I don't really come off as gruff me. And it was like a comedy so i was like. This is a lot of work for the funny that like. I don't think this is me and then midway through. I just went. I'm sorry. she's just so mean and laughed and was like well. Let's tweak in a very long time trying to make this like my own and then by the end because it was like honey. I don't know if you're good for this and i was like. I don't think i will kudos that. Casting director was like well. Let's let's let's see there's something here you know. I feel like there's only three levels to them ones. That are not helpful. Who are just like okay. Thank you and you're like well. Was it anywhere close to what you want. A middling one who's like i don't know yeah we will send we'll send it and you're like okay. Don't hurt yourself pressing enter. And then there's the one that's like let's work. I'm i'm tired of casting this part. Let's like really get you a good tape. So i don't have to see anybody else. Yes those are the three. There's nobody in the middle and those three don't exist in commercials commercial. All just like nope your trash get out do believe you stupid. Get out yeah commercials. For whatever reason they're very short but everyone is so mean and everyone wants exactly what they want and they're like we will not use our imaginations and then they're like sometimes i'll be like improvise and then you'll see the commercial like why no i'm not a genius but i said that maybe someone else like i said it and you laughed real hard and now it's in your commercial that i'm not in the problem that i would have a lot not district commercials but i was auditioning for a lot of things when i was the second city in chicago and before i moved out to la. I would put myself on paper auditions pilot season so And there would be times when i get call backs. And then in the callback. I would see in the script things that i'd improvise renowned the script and then it would be like all right. Well we're going to audition again. I'm like are you just trying to milk me for funny lines. You know and it happened so many times my age all right. Well we gotta move to la because nobody. Oh okay when the local higher like did i write your script for you. Yeah that's like really fucking shitty. It really is so much and then it's like you don't get a writing credit. You don't get the job and it's just like you used my jokes through the process. It's it's a it's an interesting business to be in. It really is because it's not like you just kind of like something offhand. That i was like. Oh what an interesting thing. You know what this is a human saying. He just said it no. I was doing a joke. Within the context of the script was i was writing for myself. And that and you use it for this thing that you're making money on the person you cast is making money on the network is making money on. And i'm just like having sent in a tape and i'm just trying to work things out..

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