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Jennifer garner had been half like have had probably the most orchestrated break up in divorce in hollywood history two years of them feeding stories two people as weekly p r orchestrated and then yesterday you know we learn she's this week's covergirl even though people could have done a nice story on the manchester people that could have been a cover and she comes out today on facebook and says i didn't purchase pay for this cover i didn't give any of these quotes we net no one ever does this yes baffling i mean what i mean what do you what do you ladies make of that i mean i believed her was well put and i'm sure someone helped her with it but it was like i always think benz publicist went to people because he of course always has to be in the story the way and i wondered if he has people planted this because boarded people bury this story and it's the cover he adds not even on the website at all any more barely really via retract it completely but it is not on the front page don't catch people magazine doing this we always think of people is working in concert even if they're not named all right don't you ladies agree i i yeah i think so although and i do know there have been plenty of hind where dr a you know put on the coverage by left but that picture with for the new talk radio okay thing and it ended up working like the quickness one vault than they actually one that i also probably like you find it hard to believe that a crew live those eight he had claimed blay um you know about eating involved in getting the pat i think a lot of celebrities are have not yet because i she is now want people to buy the people magazine because those words aren't coming.

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