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Chaired cook has seen more targets than Jaylen Rashard. I've got thirty one catch. That's also a second on the team. I will say this devante Freeman going on injured reserve with a groin injury that they're going address surgically. If the timetable would be essentially the same, if marshawn Lynch were to have to do the same thing up in there will certainly follow as the raiders get back from a by next week and perhaps get more information later on this week. Last piece of news before we get to some rankings. Evan Ingram is back at practice in angling towards a week, seven return a Monday night football on you some good news for the giants tight end, and we saw him pop up a little bit in practice last week, and there was there was conversation early that he might try and go last week. They had a short week. He was going to go. The thought was that he would go full speed and practice on Tuesday that didn't end up happening still soreness in the knee. So they scaled him back, pulled him out Wednesday, knowing it was going to be a short week. We'll naive factor in. He's had like that additional ten days recovery. So I would say, well, it's going to be eleven because it's Monday night football, right. So by the time it rolls around, I think you can be fairly certain that you're going to see Evan Ingraham this week, difficult decision to find players. He's a really good player. It's a really good matchup right back inside your lineup, put him out. Yeah. I mean, I understand the concerns on e. y. who's looked brutal, but one of the things that so extra time to prepare for this game. And getting a talented pass catcher like Evan Ingram back certainly would help certainly is going to help ally manning look a little bit better. Oh Eli, Manning's been terrible, but he has at least two hundred fifty passing yards in five straight games for fantasy football. At least there's some yardage to go round and players like Kevin Ingram and Odell Beckham junior allied six touchdown passes during a four game stretch where he also threw for three hundred yards once in to ninety seven another occasion. Yeah, I mean, so in right? And just the falcons are one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Jovita keeps on giving defying tells about twenty three and me. I will feel do twenty.

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