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That was announced in March it's available to about fifty six thousand associates in over four at stores across top jobs five state footprint that includes Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island some new data released by the state shows a hundred and thirty two nursing facilities in Massachusetts are not adhering to the state's coronavirus safety and control protocols meantime WBZ's David Kay tells us the states also releasing the number of covert nineteen deaths per nursing facility there are just over sixty five hundred deaths from corona virus in the Commonwealth sixty two percent of those deaths were residents of long term care facilities outside of the soldiers home in Holyoke facilities that saw the highest number of deaths were the Leavitt family Jewish home in long meadow they lost sixty six lives to covert nineteen followed by the Mary immaculate nursing restorative center in Lawrence and then the courtyard nursing care center in Medford it's the first time we're getting a glimpse of the specific breakdown from the Baker administration not included in the released information where deaths from assisted living facilities and publicly financed senior living residences Jim McKay WBZ Boston news radio or you could call this a million dollar idea in upstate New York company I hadn't thought of it originally but is W. B. C.'s Chris father tells us the sky could soon be the limit was an idea born of necessity what started happening we saw a lot of our regular business either get pushed out of the way to work or go away so the engineers at eagle hawk a Syracuse based start up put their minds together Lucien yeah I could leverage our technology or skills that help business endemic Ripley dot well maybe we could be disinfection virtually overnight C. E. O. Patrick Walsh and his employees transformed from a company that detected roof leaks to a high tech sanitation outfit able to efficiently scrub large spaces and venues are partnering up with Parker we've been contacted by universities and colleges the doctor complexes after all NHL Major League Baseball teams Robert Peters Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio a lot of people wearing masks these days got to get him from somewhere a New York Taylor catering to the high and mighty is switched gears during the pandemic he typically makes high end suits for men but had to switch gears to the pandemic so now he sells upscale face coverings with cotton imported from Italy they're also specially designed for beards and glasses the Taylor says most of his orders are for the fifty dollar versions but they do go up to three hundred Bucks by this correspondent Phil.

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