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Dot com on time on target, Ian Scotto here, accurate Scotto on Twitter. I eight and. I know some of you may not have listened to Reese Napa, so you're like, where's Jack Murphy? Jack is with Benny on a trip, and he's going to be out for a while. So you're, you're stuck with me here openly, you don't mind that, but you also may notice my vocal quality on not my actual vocals, but the audio quality, not exactly up to par with what you're used to. And that is because the studio is currently being revamped and for the first time in a long time. I'm recording this on my little home setup and I'm a record the interview with Sam faddis via Skype, but I, yes, it's it's being revamped. I refuse to not let you guys have show twice every week, so we're, we're working with what we have here also bringing you and just awesome guest on here. So I do enjoy and don't be don't turn it off. Due to the lack of audio quality, which by the way might as well bring it up because I know I know someone's gonna break my balls over this. The Lascaux not quite up to actual audio quality par. Even though we were in the studio itself and to defend myself, that's because of the fact that now that I'm doing the YouTube videos, I'm finding a happy medium between not having the Mike in someone's face, which it usually is on, you know, so that you can see their face on video yet at the same time, having them close enough that they sound as loud as I do since I tend to project and everything and listening back editing that show. I know that my vocals were significantly louder than Sean. So all I have to say crank it up if you assume that one because it was a great episode besides that the fact that with Malaysia flight m h three seventy, they're so little information out there that the instinct is to. Go conspiratorial, I feel and that's what a lot of people did. A lot of people went conspiratorial and applaud Sean, getting together with two experts and do the opposite, saying non. Here's why these conspiracy theories don't hold up based on the science based on the little information that we do have and please read that article if you get a chance. Once again, the article is titled all right, good night. Malaysia wanna know what happened to play m h three seventy and Wissmann the podcast, which was the last up sewed episode, three seventy, two revisiting Malaysia Airlines flight m h three seventy with that before we get over to Sam faddis. And by the way, Sam is a retired operations officer who served in the near east and South Asia. I might as well get to an Email here. So having done emails in a while. So this was sent to Safra dot radio at Safra dot com. From Willie Walker to editors writers and contributors to offer radio..

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