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Wildcats high now for a look at today's keys to the game presented by Evanston, Subaru in sculpture and Adam Hoge on the sidelines. We talked about the need to finish what they start. The Wildcats have scored a second-half point two games this year. Yeah. That's gotta chase tonight. Guys. It's all about finishing finishing drives finishing the game. Last week cats came out against Duke, drove right down the field and went up seven nothing. I think we're all thinking it's going to be a nice easy day. Well, it faced some adversity in the second quarter is Clayton. Thorson? Threw an interception. Cam green got Jeff ejected for targeting at Duke scored a long touchdown. Very next play north Western's response to that adversity was not good enough. There just wasn't enough energy the rest of the game. It showed up on the field as the cats failed to make the big plays to finish drives. In a game. They could have one won a quarterbacks. Neither receivers to step up and make more contested. Catches course Flynn had a great twelve catch performance last week. But overall the rest of the receiving group did not make enough plays for Clayton Thorson and TJ green last year north western had a similar situation. Tough loss at Duke which served as a little bit of a wakeup call that came back here the next week and blew out bowling green similar situation tonight against Akron, another MAC opponent. If the cast play like me, no they can't finish their drives. Don't settle deal goals. Get those touchdowns and this. I think is a game. They could finish and win. Yeah. Adam I think it really is in the hands to more than the coaches is that leadership council on those senior members of this team. They're the ones that have to get their arms around the issue of finishing games. Think about what the defense did a week ago the second half, they played really really outstanding. I think they kept him to maybe a first down or two in the second half. They were just outstanding. And that's the way they. To play though for sixty minutes. Now, he has a defense. But also as a team you can't just put everything on the offense. The defense has got him. Also, remember, I mean, they they gave up twenty seven points in the first ball game. So and and by the way, they got a very good running back Akron. You're going to see tonight Edwards is also have to twitchy wide receivers. They're gonna make things happen. So they do have some talent on this team. You don't go six to the conference like they did a year ago and go to their conference championship again without some returning guys want race, they were six two at a conference a year ago was never very good and the turnover department the only turned it over seventy times all year they were plus turnover margin. They did turn it over three times last week and their victory over mortgage state, but they also free turnovers in that game. Thanks added. More from you later. Those are our keys to the game presented by rob patters, Evanston, Subaru in Skokie, but a great deal matters shop, rob, Pat. Evanston, Subaru in Skokie. This is north western football presented by wintrust. Buffalo Wild Wings is the place.

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