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It is. Various males and county commissioners. We have often every assistant humanly possible. Unfortunately, our local leaders are well experienced in emergency manage. They've had a lot of practice over the years. So they are well aware that all they need to do is to let us know they're Neji will be standing there shoulder to shoulder with them all the way. All right, Governor. I'll be there. Also pledging on praising President Trump for the support that she's getting here in our state from the federal government as well, Everybody politically and officially or, you know, battling this out, Bill Black joins us now from our sister station will be okay S J to talk a bit more about exactly what's happening where this storm has certainly pounded Gulf shores in that whole south Alabama area bill. Good morning. Good morning, J T even as we speak. The center of Hurricane Sally still sits on top of Gulf shores, right landfall about 4 45 5 o'clock this morning, and it's just such a slow moving storm. I think when it was at its peak movement, it was going about three MPH. It's at two MPH right now moving to the north Northeast and just continues to pound the area with tons of water. What about evacuations Bill in your area. Has that been something Everybody's been concerned about? Have a lot of people evacuated. We did have quite a few people evacuate, and the governor and local officials have requested some mandatory evacuations in what we call zones wanted to which of the lower Are lying areas in mobile and Baldwin County. There were evacuations. There were shelters set up. However, ah lot of people decided to ride this one out. They were thinking it could be no more no more than a Category one storm. And I didn't see any really issue with people who have been through hurricanes. Unfortunately, they look a category levels and they think, well, that's not really that bad. Well, In this case, Sally gained a little bit of strength before she made landfall ended up being a Category two with maximum sustained winds of 105 MPH is a matter of fact, those air still the max when she's still a 105. She's still a Category two. Sitting on top of Gulf shores right now, but it's affected everything, especially our communities to the east of Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Independent of Florida Panhandle all just getting hammered right now and not only massive flooding but also lots of loss of power. I just did another day because I was going to be talking to you guys right now we have Power outages of over 119,000 in Mobile, Escambia County, Alabama. That's the Atmore area over almost 5000 there. Baldwin County M. C. We have two different power facilities to Baldwin County Ball in county emcee with almost 77,000 and Baldwin Riviera. Just about 43,000 and then another 129,000 outages plus in the Florida Panhandle, So people are waking up and not really being able to connect a cz much as they would like to. Hopefully they they charged up those smart devices and are able to listen through streams and get this information down here. Yeah. Take a look at the map earlier this morning. I mean, this thing kind of shifted from New Orleans east into Pascagoula, and then even further East there in mobile and all the way over to Apalachicola. So you're right. Panama City destined Pensacola. That whole area. Getting pounded this morning as well is what's happening there in mobile and Gulf shores. So, uh, this is a slow mover. What's the first thing that you're concerned with being in that area's faras helping folks out in the all the flooding going on for today and tomorrow? Well, that's the biggest issue right now is the rescue crews and power crews can't can't get out yet. It's too too dangerous at this point time. So many roadways have been closed to block and will continue to be that way through today because we expect having rainfall amounts another another one or 2 ft of rain through the day today because Sally will barely get out of the pan handling barely get out of mobile involving county. By this afternoon, so we're going to get a lot more rain. We're gonna have a lot more flooding all this. Obviously all the streams, rivers are already well flooded and the coastline is just taking a battering. It's it's going to be a different looking coastline. When it's all said and done made contact this morning with some folks I know on all no island. Which normally can withstand storms fairly well, and they're getting a lot of flooding over the island as well. So there's gonna be a lot of loss of property, unfortunately, haven't heard of any loss of life. We pray that it is not that that's gonna be education. You don't have any loss of life, but we've had Freeze crashing through homes this morning about a fact mobile rescue was actually trying to rescue a woman. Right now he's trapped in her bedroom from a tree who fell on our house in the last couple of hours. She's OK, but she's penned in and they're just having a hard time getting her out under these conditions, so that kind of stuff's going to persist. Ah, lot of areas they won't be able to get to She'll probably after 12 today. As a matter of fact, Orange Beach has got a curfew in effect. The police department down in Orange Beach, says nobody on the road till after 12 o'clock today, so it's going to be a mess in once we can't get out and see. I mean, the power companies are standing by to get out there and start replacing and repairing lines and removing the fallen trees and limbs. But that's gonna take a while. All right, Bill Black and chaos. Jae in mobile this morning, Bill. Thank you for the update. Stay safe, brother. We'll talk again soon. 6 28, Alabama's morning news, traffic and weather together. Coming up three minutes. Stay with us. Church's.

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