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Lane WHO's head of emergencies Mike Ryan says all the evidence that they have points to the virus originating at bats and ultimately spreading to humans the virus itself is of natural origin and we need to understand more about that natural origin and particularly about intermediate holes the debate about the origin has become political and Ryan says this is impeding efforts to understand how the outbreak began which he says could make it harder to prevent other pandemics in the future Jason Beaubien NPR news millions of people are being allowed to return to work in Italy is Europe's longest coronavirus lockdown starts to ease their meanwhile the U. S. has begun some steps of its own to ease restrictions even as thousands of new cases are being reported every day in Washington DC the Senate convened today for the first time since March while dozens of people in Florida were waiting before sunrise for the seven AM opening of Clearwater beach within a lawmakers also restarted their legislatures part disagreement over whether they should be returned at all a coalition of groups opposed to abortion rights is asking the federal government to seize the websites of companies that have been involved in distributing abortion pills to American patients NPR's Sarah McCammon explains abortion rights advocates have called for increased access to the drugs during the crowded bars pandemic in a letter to the food and drug administration dozens of anti abortion rights groups are asking FDA commissioner Steven Hahn to investigate and seize websites belonging to organizations they accused of illegally prescribing or selling a drug called mifepristone to U. S. patients it's part of a two drug protocol often used in medication abortion and to ease miscarriages it's heavily regulated in the United States an attorney for eight access one of the groups targeted by the letter said in an email to NPR that the organization offers women quote the best and safest option by allowing them to induce early abortions at home the organization has been fighting the FDA in court since last year when the agency issued a warning letter accusing eight access of violating federal law Sarah McCammon NPR news the owner of clothing chain J. Cruz says it's filing for bankruptcy protection it's the first major retailer to do so since the pandemic forced the closing most retail stores in the west but while it is the first retailer to seek bankruptcy protection most analysts do not expect it will be the last stocks after faltering close somewhat higher today the Dow twenty six points the nasdaq was up a hundred and five points today you're listening to NPR then this is KCRW on Larry Perella Monday may fourth you're good evening to you here's what's happening at six oh four city of Santa Monica is looking at layoffs cutbacks and restructuring of city operations the city started to run into financial trouble from stagnant revenues an unfunded pensions and then both covered nineteen make matters worse the KCRW's angel careerist reports the Santa Monica city council will take up some proposed cuts tomorrow a task force for Santa Monica business and community leaders has unveiled a proposal for a coverage from the current virus shut down in about four hundred eighty one city employees could lose their jobs city manager Rick Cole announced last month he stepping down amid the drastic budget cuts interim city manager Elaine Diehl GTE who's taking a twenty percent pay cut says this proposal will quote be painful and fraught with shared sacrifices to stop cuts in services and prevent for other layoffs it looks to restructure city departments like reduced hours for events and shrink in person help at city libraries it also calls reducing or eliminating staff of the performance management well being and sustainability programs department heads will see pay cuts up to fifteen percent its own effort to address the total budget shortfall of two hundred twenty four million dollars this case you're losing your career supporting the corona virus outbreak is focusing new attention on the issue of sick leave the United States is one of the only countries that does not mandate businesses to pay employees who are out sick doctor Michael Wilkes is a professor of medicine and global health at UC Davis he says the issue has been divided along party lines well before the Copa pandemic today less than a quarter states offer paid sick leave a lot of this is is cultural America is clearly a work focused culture we don't put a lot of emphasis on leave our families our wellness he says the last federal leave act was passed more than twenty five years ago but the global pandemic has brought the issue back to the forefront paid sick leave has been all hope of many democratic lawmakers for years but then called it came along and Republicans had to concede that if it's absolutely necessary they're willing to provide a little but they want the states to jump in and do a lot more but he says that's why Congress agreed to temporarily implement the family first act which provides fourteen days of paid leave for American workers affected by the virus support for NPR comes from the line loss foundation supporting justice equity and opportunity for all people to foster and sustain safe and healthy communities learn more at Lang la.

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