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Getting back a bag of mulch. Yep. Most fest back for its 20th year as you could drop off and watch her tree get shipped that spots in all five boroughs Go to the N Y. C. Parks website for locations and at those chipping sites. You can also get back a bag of mulch, which is good for your garden. And in the morning until two in the afternoon Saturday and then next Saturday, the ninth that's the end of mulch Fist 2021 James for been w. O R news. More states could be legalizing marijuana in the year 2021 7. More states could join the list of 34 states that currently have legalized pot for either medical or recreational use. New York and Connecticut. Both had legalization efforts underway in early 2020, but put them on hold when the cove in 19 pandemic hit governors in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Virginia have all voiced support for legalization. In Texas. Several marijuana bills will be taken up when the state legislature reconvenes this month. And the New York Giants will still have a shot at a division title on Sunday despite losing their last three games If the five and 10 giants be Dallas at home in Washington loses that night in Philadelphia, Big Blue will claim the NFC East. The Giants lost 37 34, a Dallas and Week five. The Jets will wrap up their dismal campaign against the Patriots Sunday in New England. Gangrene has won its last two after 00 and 13 start costing them a shot of the top pick in the NFL draft. Jennifer pulls Sonny W Award Is your WR weather for Channel forecast is next, Sarah. We're getting ready to start a brand new year out with the old in with the new, exciting new things are about to happen. What kinds of new things people everywhere, creating.

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