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And more accurate i my perfect ms about those who serve where the dairy because we got the blue mizzou were you aware our republican of or party now was started on on ending human trafficking on on freeing slaves i mean that's that's inspiring that that's part of our history in malaga to represent the party as we move into a new era grass you will building the california republican party so many people feel like hey they won't even vote now because of partisan bickering but when we have ludicrous mastermind instead of the political debate now don't get me wrong we're ready to debate julia above buckley air fire at the end of the day where we gotta do we can't gis we can't just make promises we gotta make progress and that comes with where we're getting thirty one keen not to get through political but a thing one of the key things is like we gotta go back and look at history turn see war was a war was a country that urine builds on like nations of four and over and over again when they choose person preference over truth messiah it's like going up and say let's head on this fence to us why was offence put their in the first place and it's the same thing with legspinner how countries bill you look is like what are the foundations of their building why people now trying to change them and they changing them for their own personal preference in their own because they want to be like living in a way that they want and they will this autonomy autonomy isn't always a good thing i think a lot of people pushed for that men like where i want my cousin for his what if we gave everybody person preference then is going to be people think it's like equal cool and everybody's of nuri also going to create is more conflicts because now everybody's used to getting everything the way they're they want and nikola gonna clashes sir and one of the things i i worry about looking forward in the futures just like don't forget truth don't forget foundations and principals and the good things that like the countries and and lives of built on heart solar truth an and good principles and join us ashton centers roster are are relearn very tiresome mass worshipped it for me when when.

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