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Clearly. Greg has some incredible things to say about twitter about dungeons and dragons about elves jobs. But I wanted to see if he could truly make his characters count so as Tim Seraphic fire questions and he had to answer in two hundred eighty characters or less. If you could have a fantastic beasts as pet what would it be. I would love to have a blink dog as a pet dogs kind of fits the whole pet fame. I'm more of a cat person personally but I really loved the idea that blink dogs are these chaotic good creatures. That can teleport link with a blink of their eyes and go thirty feet. Away and Uh You know they can either do that to get to the food that much quicker or to get away from me if they're stinking up. The place ORCS elves elves. CBS definitely elves. Dark magic or white magic white magic. What movie have you seen more times than any other movie? Thirsty Thursday off. What did you WanNa be when you were a little kid? I wanted to be a writer. from a very early age and I kind of am one so it's okay. How do you it's okay? I think you're saying that too. Little Greg Ways your normal day breakfast coffee. Where is your breakfast before you record? Dragon talk a bacon egg and cheese on a wholly English muffin. I get from the cafe downstairs. What is your favorite time of day? My favorite time of day is eleven. Thirty Five PM when I'm in the midst of love playing magic arena and Hopefully having just defeated my opponent sounds like the answer to this. But what is your happy place. My happy place is Candle keep it's a library in the forgotten realms that is the repository for all knowledge and you can only get into candle. Keep if you give a book that they do not yet have. How do you take your coffee cream and lots of sugar? If you owned a restaurant astro what would this be. The special would be Roman noodles. What background music do you listen to work? I usually I usually put on something. That's upbeat recently. I've been listening to a band called too many zoos to do my writing to. Why is your favorite twitter? Tip My favorite twitter tip is one that I I've used personally a lot. which is if you are unsure about posting something potentially controversial to write it and then deleted and then think about it? What is your favorite life? Tip My favorite life tip is to Create work on a deadline. Really think about those controversial tweets and create work on a deadline. Greg Tito thank you so much for joining us to Carrie town it was a pleasure to have you. Thank you so much for having me. I can't wait to have you on Dragon Talk. I on dragon talk absolutely. You're not I would love to be on dragon time. Let's do it. You can find us at business dot twitter dot com slash character count. Character count was a production of pod. People at twitter business. This episode was hosted by me. Joe Wallington our executive producer. Rachel King this episode was produced by Elisa Lambert. It was also produced and edited by Christopher Nelson Music by alias Nelson and DAX Schaefer special. Thanks to Marissa Window and Lindsey Bruce in the entire twitter customer success team. Thank you so so much for listening. Please subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts. Or wherever fine podcast downloaded and rate us. Ideally five stars. But I'm not going to be pushy about it. This episode's topic is now live. Atra business. Go tweet US your heartaches and follow us at twitter business for incredible tips on twitter ads marketing and best asked practices or follow me after Waddington to see if they actually let me on Dragon Tucker not have a great day..

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