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We walked out here i hope you know what it is but if if you don't know what this at least if you remember that it's not a mexican hollow we tell us a little bit about yourself thank you thank you for having this year you know sport in mexico city and when i was a year and a half both my parents brought me to the than states here in san diego so i basically grew up here and he san diego my dad is from the little indian village and the mound so i battle i can honestly and probably say i'm out yeah and you're not one my father say which is i guess as take but the me and i'm others family is from waveland from each of ground so pinehurst side i'm not work and that ask and put it pitch out so for me from the very beginning my parents always instilled in i sense of being product who we are where we come from and they shared many many of the stories after houston i grandparents history and from early age i realize that there was something important about knowing about here routes about you history be kiss in this society you know most people only know what's on television and so that's not television it doesn't exist it's not on the radio or now on the internet doesn't exist and my parents instilled in the states family has thousands of years of history and we are the holders of the past and we are the prepares of the future i graduated from who are high school and the san diego in nineteen seventy two in went to san diego state.

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