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I am of seventy eight degrees Wednesday sunny with some clouds and a high of eighty degrees clouds and sunshine on Thursday with a high near eighty it's sixty two degrees right now in south ozone park Sisk sixty five in Englewood New Jersey sixty five in Allendale it's sixty six degrees and clear in New York humidity is at fifty two percent winds are calm repeating the current temperatures sixty six going down to fifty nine in midtown more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation Mike berry is our service eight Dempsey polite is our studio producer Sarah Miller at the editor's desk and I'm Monique Kobyla this give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world anything sixty six degrees at nine o'clock I'm Donavan and here's what's happening governor Cuomo threatening to roll back the endemic re opening cement had in the Hamptons because of non compliance thousands of complaints about eateries that are ignoring social distancing roles Sunday services today in New Jersey for the first time in three months the status again allowing in person celebrations at houses of worship with restrictions they won the battle says governor Cuomo but social justice protesters were out in force again today in the city the woman who was looking for a new hobby will offer low has some adorable new pads three duckling she hatched after buying their eggs in a British supermarket U. S. low fifty nine sunny and gorgeous tomorrow high seventy six winds nine oh one traffic and transit down here's Jeff Jensen coupled axes on the about parkway westbound one is right over by the van which expressway is another one it's actually a bigger one the site to intercept.

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