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Love for his local sports team helps in power through in five love in meaning in live that's pretty good now that's that's very good tang ways role for me that he wrote in one of his treatment some sort of video store guy right now though that was his body chris tapestry shopping that movie around hollywood where i would be a angry blockbuster cork because it's a movie that set in the nineties and tang ways role for me would be a loud mouth high school principal who ultimately loses his job for having sex on his desk in the school with a teacher and he he showed me the scene music i need you to do this pretty balloon ads let me say something he is a sick perfect he is a dark person down inside of gary tanguay soul is a dark human that i love to death you know what i'm asking him audience by credit union bitch about how he's still doesn't have a shirt yeah we uh have you fail in all your friends who your forensic by eu monitoring floor mats be a you can't even get your friends of free frequent tshirt says something about you buddy i i kept you got nothing i don't i don't i i again nothing other than a school board coming up and we will get into david posture knock.

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